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Compilation: What Is Candle Game TikTok? Candle Trend Explained


Compilation: What Is Candle Game TikTok? Candle Trend Explained

What is the purpose of the Candle Game on TikTok? This article contains all of the information we currently have regarding the popular trend.

The Candle Game is one of the most popular TikTok trends right now.

As the Christmas season of 2021 draws to a close, people are having a good time on social media. People are taking advantage of the festive season despite the epidemic and other issues

Candle Game is considered to be the best Christmas party game ever by some. TikTok fans adore it since it is playable by a large audience and is family-friendly.

What Exactly Is the TikTok Candle Game?

The TikTok trend “Candle Game” has become quite popular.

It is a fun party game that may be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Moreover, people are enjoying themselves by playing games and uploading videos on TikTok on the occasion of Christmas.

Its configuration is straightforward. First, we set up five or more candles in a straight line and then place appropriate rewards, like as money, gift cards, or something else, in the centre of the line, equal to the number of candles. We maintain an object to serve as a reminder that there is a penalty in between the pleasures.

Following the completion of the construction, participants blow out the candles as far as they are able. Following that, we are presented with the matching reward or punishment indicator. If the individual’s gust of wind stopped at a reward, he receives it; otherwise, he receives the penalty, which is typically a pie in the face. Isn’t it straightforward?

People are participating in the game because it is simple, but it is also entertaining. Furthermore, such films can be seen in abundance on TikTok, which has helped to establish it as a popular trend on the platform. The hashtag #Candlegame is commonly used for these kind of videos. At the time of writing, the hashtag had received over 13 million views.

The identity of the game’s author and the date of its creation are both still unknown. On the other hand, on December 19, 2016, Luke Skytrekker released a game in this genre. It’s the most recent one we could find on the internet.

Compilation of Candle Game TikToks and an explanation of the trend

The TikTok video “Candle Game” is now popular.

There are a plethora of compilation videos that are created based on the popularity of the users. #Candlegame is the most frequently used hashtag. #Familygame, on the other hand, is one of the most popular hashtags, having received 134 million views.

Today, I attended a Christmas party at my place of employment. We played a game in which you had to blow out a line of candles in a row. Each candle can be used either as a prize or as a plate of whipped cream in the face, depending on the situation.

Every time, I received whipe cream. pic.twitter.com/nctQe1ux9l

— -Chloe (@CloudyDaydream_), on Twitter The 20th of December, 2021

The game has been there for years, but it became trending just hours before Christmas day, 25 December. Users are recording footage of people getting their faces coated with cream. The clips certainly give the holiday vibes.

Although trends on TikTok have a short shelf life, Candle Game has been on the platform for quite some time.

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