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Donnie Nietes Ethnicity-Where Is He From? Nationality Wife And Parents

 Which ethnicity or nationality does Donnie Nietes belong to? Everything you need to know about the world boxing champion is right here.

Donnie Nietes is a Filipino boxer who competes professionally. In boxing, he has won world titles in four different weight classes.

Donnie was ranked as the fifth-best active junior-bantamweight globally by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board in April 2021.

Nietes has been the longest-reigning Filipino boxing world champion since 2014, surpassing Gabriel “Flash” Elorde’s record of 1967.

Nietes, who shares the nickname “Ahas” (Snake) in the boxing world with fellow Filipinos Nonito Donaire and Manny Pacquiao, is one of Asia’s first three boxing legends with at least four weight classes world titles.

What Is Donnie Nietes’ Ethnicity and Where Does He Come From?

Donnie Nietes is of East Asian descent and was born in the Philippines.

Nietes was born in Murcia, Negros Occidental, Philippines, on May 12, 1982.

Donnie Liboon Nietes was his given name at the time of his birth. His maternal family and middle name are Liboon, and his paternal family or surname is Nietes, according to Filipino culture.

Donnie was named Sportsman of the Year by the Philippine Sportswriters Association (PSA) in 2015.

In his hometown of Murcia, Negros Occidental, a life-size statue has been erected in his honour.

Donnie Nietes’ Early Career And Nationality

Donnie Nietes is of Filipino nationality.

Reportedly, Nietes worked as a janitor at the Antonio Lopez Aldeguer (ALA) boxing gym before entering the boxing arena. Apparently, he was inspired by the professional boxers who came to practise at the ring.

Donnie made his professional debut in boxing at the age of 20 on April 25, 2003. He has been in the professional boxing arena for about 18 years now.

Nietes has faced a total of 46 professional fights in his career. Out of those, he has won 41 matches and lost just one match. Among those 41 matches, he won 23 matches by knockout and 18 by decision markedly.

Donnie Nietes Wife And Parents

Donnie Nietes’s wife’s information is not available on the Internet.

In an article regarding his upcoming fights, Pressreader mentioned that he was a married man. However, Donnie likes to keep his personal life secret, and there is no mention regarding his marital status on his socials.

The 39 years old boxer is, however, very obsessed with snakes. He got his nickname of Ahas due to his love and obsession with pythons. Nietes considers the snakes his lucky charm and takes his pet snake everywhere with him.

His father’s name is Josue Nietes. Josue is a respected man in Murcia and an established member of society. Nevertheless, there is not much information regarding his family.

Meet Donnie Nietes on Instagram

Donnie Nietes is active on social media sites like Instagram.

Nietes shares his boxing accomplishments and keeps his fans posted about the results from his matches.

Through Instagram, he also engages in different brand endorsements and advertisements related to sports.

Besides boxing, Donnie likes to keep his life private and barely shares any updates from his personal life.

He has a following of 2300 boxing enthusiasts on his Instagram.

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