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Xyla Foxlin Wikipedia Age, Parents Nationality and Net Worth

 Xyla Foxlin lacks a Wikipedia page but her popularity is reaching a new horizon every day. Get to know more about the engineer her.

Xyla Foxlin is an American YouTuber and Mechanical Engineer. She is best known for her YouTube videos involving engineering ideas and experiments.

She is one of the fine examples of “beauty with a brain� and is breaking the stereotype of women in the technical field. Her videos include her fun personality, woodworking, experiments, cosplaying into Disney princesses, and many more.

Xyla Foxlin Wikipedia: Know Her Age

Xyla Foxlin has been documented on Wikipedia as of today. Nevertheless, her wiki and bio have been a topic of curiosity and coverage for numerous people on the web.

She has been very vocal about her struggles and career ventures. One of her major life events includes her storey of sexual harassment when she was sixteen. She has published an article regarding the detailed information titled “Beauty and the Invisible Beast� on Medium.

Aside from her praiseworthy educational qualifications, she is also a former contestant of the Miss America beauty pageant. She is now involved in business and entrepreneurship.

Xyla Foxlin’s current age appears to be around the late 20s to early 30s by scanning through her pictures. Meanwhile, she has not disclosed any precise details on her birthday as of yet.

Know Xyla Foxlin Parents and Nationality

Xyla Foxlin hails from mixed ethnicity as her parents belong to two different nationalities. Her mother is Chinese while her father is American hence, her smartness along with beauty surely came from her mixed genes.

Xyla Foxlin holds American nationality by default as she was born and raised in the US. She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and has been there all her life.

Xyla Foxlin Net Worth Revealed

Xyla Foxlin, without a doubt, maintains a substantial amount of net worth from her passion which turned into a career. However, she has not publicised her earnings as of today.

She is the founder and CEO of Parihug while also serves as an executive of Beauty and the Bolt.

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