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Why Is Hoda Kotb Leaving The Today Show? Where Is She Going?


Why Is Hoda Kotb Leaving The Today Show? Where Is She Going?

The Today Show audience have been asking why Hoda Kotb is leaving the show, and the answer is simple: she wants to travel. As a result, we are here to inform you of her whereabouts.

Hoda Kobt is a broadcast journalist and television personality from the United States. In addition, Hoda serves as the primary co-anchor of NBC News’ morning show Today, as well as the co-host of the show’s fourth hour, which is devoted to entertainment.
Furthermore, Kotb has previously served as a journalist for the television news magazine show Dateline NBC, which aired on NBC. Furthermore, for around one year, Kotb worked as a reporter on WQAD in millions, which is associated with ABC.
Additional affiliations for Hoda were WINK and WWL, both of which were linked with the CBS television network.

What is the reason behind Hoda Kotb’s departure from the Today Show?

The announcement of Hoda Kotb’s departure from The Today Show has received a great deal of public attention. However, the reality is that Hoda will not be attending the programme. However, tweets and post articles with the headline “Hoda says goodbye” began to dominate internet sources as a result of Hoda’s heartfelt parting.
Furthermore, Hoda hasn’t verified the rumour, and she hasn’t said anything regarding her departure from ‘Today’ as of this writing. Fans and viewers of the programme were aware of Hoda’s disappearance, which led many to question whether or not she had departed the show.
Hoda, on the other hand, has not provided a clear explanation for her leaving. In the same way, the show welcomed some of the Guest hosts to step in for her when the long-time co-anchor was out.
On a similar note, the show’s guest co-hosts, Michele Buteau, Will Guest, and Justin Slevester, were warmly welcomed. Furthermore, neither Hoda nor the network have provided any information on the cause for her absence from the broadcast.
Furthermore, other reports have suggested that she will be taking a little hiatus from the Today programme, which may or may not be correct.

What is Hoda Kotb up to these days?

The specifics of Hoda Kotb’s departure from the Today programme are currently unavailable. Many credible sources, however, have said that Kotb’s departure has not yet been verified by the network.
As a result of her absence from the show, Hoda is being questioned about whether or not she will continue her journey with Today’s show. However, it appears that Hoda has not spoken about the matter as of now. In a similar vein, Hoda’s most recent Instagram photo, which was titled “good weekend xoxo,” may be seen below.
Aside from that, Kotb hasn’t revealed anything about his health problems thus far. However, according to reports, Hoda underwent a mastectomy as well as reconstructive surgery for breast cancer in 2012. So we hope everything is going well for her.

Who is the husband of Hoda Kotb? Her Relationship to Her Family

Hoda Kobe and her husband, Burzis Kanga, were married in 2005, but unhappily, their marriage did not last as long as they had hoped, and the pair separated in 2008, after being together for three years and having two children.
In addition, in 2013, Hoda began a relationship with New York financier Joel Schiffman, who is now her husband. On the same day, they made their official announcement of their engagement, which was November 25, 2019.
In the same vein, Hoda announced her first adoption, a baby girl called Haley Joy Kotb, in 2019, and she announced her second adoption, a baby girl named Hope Catherine Kotb, in 2019.
She is raising two lovely girls with her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, who is also a mother herself.

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