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Who Is Lindim Aliti? Teenager Stabbed Thomas Tran – Charges Explained

 LIndim Aliti, a Melbourn adolescent, was detained after stabbing Thomas Tran in the chest. Let’s find out more about him down below!

Lindim Aliti has a criminal record.

He allegedly stabbed a personal trainer in the heart and stated he did it because he was afraid of the fear.

On the contrary, shortly after the attack, he told his friends, “that’s one down.”

Lindim Aliti: Who Is She? Thomas Tran was stabbed by a teen.

Lindim Aliti is a Melbourne native.

During a massive brawl among adolescents, he allegedly stabbed an ambitious personal trainer, Thomas Tran, in the heart. Furthermore, Alti and Tran have both agreed to take part in a fight in June 2020 between their opposing associates.

Tran was said to have been one of the organisations that pursued Aliti last year. Tran had just left the gym when the incident occurred. When he was stabbed, he was walking on his own.

Tran was discovered dead on the spot. He proceeded to the Shisha lounge with buddies after the incident and subsequently told his friends on the phone, “that’s one down,” and then burnt his sim card at the lounge.

Lindim Aliti’s Age: How Old Is She?

Lindim Aliti is 19 years old right now.

His exact age and date of birth have not been made public. In the year 2020, he was 18 years old when he stabbed Thomas Tran.

Parents of Lindim Aliti

Limdim Aliti’s parents are no longer in the public eye.

On the internet, there isn’t much information on their names. The victim’s parents, Mai Tran and Tan Nhieu, did, however, make the news. They were devastated and are still mourning the loss of their only child.

Is he detained? Explanation of Charges

Lindim Aliti was apprehended after the event occurred a week later.

Over the stabbing of personal trainer Thomas Tran, he pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

At the guilty hearing, he allegedly apologised to Thomas Tran’s family. He was also given a three-and-a-half-year non-parole sentence despite the fact that he had no criminal history and had great rehabilitation prospects.

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