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Who Is Dion Lim? Twitter, Age, and Wiki, Husband, Children, Salary?

Who Is Dion Lim? Twitter, Age, and Wiki, Husband, Children, Salary?

Dion Lim is an anchor and reporter for KGO-TV, ABC7 News, a station owned and managed by the ABC network in San Francisco, California. He has won many Emmy awards for his work. Her most recent position was as the 5/6/11 pm anchor at WTSP-10 News, a CBS affiliate in Tampa, Florida.

Known for her enthusiasm and commitment to the community (which includes 30-40 public engagements each calendar year), Dion was selected Best TV Personality by Charlotte Magazine and Best Morning Anchor in Kansas City, among other awards. Lim was recently featured on the cover of Bay Area Women Magazine, where she was recognised for her commitment to supporting women.

Who Is Dion Lim and What Does He Do?

Dion Lim is much more than a conventional news anchor since she is skilled at breaking news and live news broadcasts, as well as having the capacity to connect with her audience.. Her work has appeared on the women’s empowerment website Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls as well as the Huffington Post. She is a proficient writer for both broadcast and print media.

She is the author of Make Your Moment: A Savvy Woman’s Communication Playbook For Getting The Success You Want, which will be released by McGraw-Hill in October 2019.

Her Husband and Children are also in the picture.

Dion Lim is married to Evan Panesis, who she met while dating and later married.

It was in June 2011 that the couple exchanged wedding vows, making their relationship over 10 years old. Evan proposed to Dion in 2009, and the pair married a couple of years later in 2011.

They met for the first time while she was researching a crime storey in the region. Lim approached him and begged him for the news storey after he shouted at him and demanded to interview him like a stalker.

There is no word on whether Lim is the father of a kid or not.

Salary Information Regarding Dion

The precise salary of Dion Lim is not yet available.

However, as a journalist, she is entitled to an annual income of $41,160, which is the national average (Standard PayScale Salary for Journalist).

You may follow her on Twitter.

Lim has a Twitter account with more than 30k followers, which is rather impressive. Her Twitter handle is @DionLimTV, and she uses it to communicate with the public.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

Dion Lim is his given name.

The 13th of May is my birthday.

Gender Female

Nationality American

Profession Journalist

Married/Single Married

Evan Panesis is the woman’s husband.

Emerson College is a prestigious institution of higher learning.

Instagram @dionlimtv

Twitter @DionLimTV

What is Lim’s age? Her Wiki is a collection of information

The Journalist Dion’s age and birth year have not been revealed to the public, although she celebrates her birthday on the 13th of May every year.

It is not possible to find the biography of the Journalist Dion on the official Wikipedia.

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