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Who Is Brittiny Lopez-Murray? Hialeah Teacher Arrested – What Did She Do?

Brittiny Lopez-Murray, a Hialeah Middle School student, has been arrested on suspicion of having an affair with a previous pupil who is 14 years old.

On Monday, October 5, 2021, Brittiny Lopez-Murray was arrested in Miami-Dade County.

A number of charges have been filed against the 31-year-old male.

According to CBS4 news partners the Miami Herald, the police report said that she had frequent sexual contact with a minor in her car.

Lopez-Murray was named “rookie teacher of the year” at Hialeah Middle School in 2017.

Brittiny Lopez-Murray: Who Is She? A Hialeah teacher has been arrested.

At Hialeah Center, Brittiny Lopez-Murray taught acting to middle school pupils.

When she was detained and taken to the Miami Dade County Jail, word instantly went throughout the internet.

After discovering the youngster having an illicit relationship with his older teacher, the victim’s sister and father phoned the cops.

Her case is being handled in Miami District Court after she was accused of participating in a sexual conduct with a minor.

Brittiny used to teach drama to the students at Hialeah Center, and a student whose identity was kept hidden used to attend the school.

Brittiny approached the 14-year-old after she expressed her admiration for him.

They met for the first time at a cafe to have a cup of coffee, and then grew closer and more physical.

Her previous disciplinary records were clean, according to department data, and she was chosen “Rookie Teacher of the Year” by the Hialeah Teaching Committee in 2017.

She hasn’t spoken anything about it yet, and her lawyer is waiting to speak with her at the jail.

What Exactly Did She Do?

Brittiny made numerous attempts to flirt with and be close to her 14-year-old student. Following their café drink meetup, he became close to her and they began going places together.

Brittiny and the boy would be having illicit intercourse in the car on multiple occasions and after several of his basketball workouts.

The vehicle was thought to have been parked at a nearby park.

The texts and meetups continued after the adolescent had graduated from high school.

When he started staring at the phone for far too long, his sister became suspicious of him.

Following that, the parents filed a police report, and officers were despatched to investigate the youngster who had revealed the horrifying storey about the seemingly harmless teacher.

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