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Who Is Alexis Avila From Hobbs New Mexico? Baby Found In Dumpster & Mugshot On Facebook,wiki

Who Is Alexis Avila From Hobbs New Mexico? Baby Found In Dumpster & Mugshot On Facebook,wiki

Alexis Avila, a New Mexico woman from Hobbs, is presently the most searched-for face on Facebook. She has been charged with attempted murder of her own kid, which she denies.

A woman from Hobbs was recently arrested after she was discovered placing her kid in a trash can.

She has now been taken into custody on suspicion of attempting to kill her own child. Since the news broke, it has gone viral on social media platforms, with the majority of the responses being critical of the lady who was the subject of the storey.

In fact, as a result of the event, the woman is now the most sought for person on social media. Continue reading to find out more about the event!

Who is Alexis Avila, a New Mexico resident from Hobbs?

Alexis Avila is an 18-year-old convicted offender who has served time in prison.

According to Facebook, the account of a woman from Hobbs, New Mexico, is now the most sought for. In the meanwhile, her social media accounts are not accessible at this time.

She is the mother who attempted to have her child taken away from her. According to her confession, she admitted to giving delivery in a different area and tossing the baby in a trash can.

Her infant was also dumped in front of the camera, which was captured on security footage as well. Perhaps as a result of the ongoing investigation, her photograph has not been made public at this time.

A baby was discovered in a dumpster and a mugshot was posted on Facebook.

On Friday, January 7, 2022, a call was received from a concerned citizen who reported the infant in a trash.

When the cops arrived, they immediately began providing assistance to the newborn infant. The infant was transported to the hospital on the same day it was discovered. Following the investigation, it was discovered that the closest hospital was around four miles distant from where the infant had been thrown away.

It has been stated that the infant is currently in stable condition, which is a relief.

When Alexis Avila was arrested, she was sentenced to jail; where is she now?

In connection with an attempted murder of her newborn child, she has been charged.

According to accounts, the event occurred on Friday evening at 8 p.m. in New Mexico, just three miles from the Texas state border, and was reported. Soon after the report was made, paramedics were sent to rescue the infant, who was then transported to a hospital in Lubbock, Texas, where he later died.

According to reports, the child’s status, on the other hand, is said to be steady. After conducting an investigation, authorities were able to identify the mother of the kid, Alexis Avila, thanks to surveillance footage.

According to authorities, she then admitted to giving birth and abandoning the kid after she was arrested. A warrant for Avila’s arrest will be issued and he will be tried in Lea County District Court.

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