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What is White Dolomite On TikTok? Practical Joke And Assault


What is White Dolomite On TikTok? Practical Joke And Assault

White Dolomite just punched a man who did not appreciate his practical joke. Find out more about the content provider by reading on!

A White Dolomite is a well-known TikTok celebrity. Prank videos on the lipsync site have made him quite famous, and he is well-known for them.

Since joining Tiktok in the middle of 2019, he has amassed a significant number of followers on his Tiktok account. According to reports, he got into a violent argument with a man in a shopping centre who didn’t like his prank and he was arrested. When the incident occurred, White was in the process of looking for general household items to purchase for his residence.

Secretly taped footage shows him fighting with a man, during which he throws punches and verbally assaults the other person. People in his immediate vicinity regarded him with disdain because of his inappropriate behaviour.

When you look on TikTok, what do you see is White Dolomite? Is it a person or a trend?

Prank movies are a specialty of White Dolomite, a user of the TikTok app who goes by the handle White Dolomite.

People are also frequently seen filming films of him and tagging him with the hashtag @whitedolomite. However, his account appears to be dormant at the moment, maybe as a result of the recent controversy surrounding him.

He has recently come to be loathed by many in his immediate vicinity for his ridiculous jokes, particularly in light of the current mall scandal.

Explanation of a Practical Joke and an Assault

A video became viral on social media recently, and it’s worth watching. It was uploaded to Reddit as well as his YouTube channel, and it was 30 seconds long

According to the footage, he approached a man in the shopping mall and caused a commotion by showing him his regular prankster movies. Besides that, he invites the man and his girlfriend to try his nuts by holding up a can of nuts in his palm and asking them if they would like to taste them.

The man initially requests that the prankster leave them alone, but the prankster continues to bother them. When he held up the can of nuts, the man slammed the can against the wall and hurled it to the ground. Afterwards, the prankster rams the victim to the ground.

Despite the fact that the man despised his actions, he persisted and eventually punched him in the face. People can be seen leaving comments on the video, which was uploaded two months ago.

How Old Is White Dolomite, and What Is His Age?

According to his films, White Dolomite appears to be between the ages of 20 and 25 years old.

There is currently no information about his precise age or birthdate available to the public.

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