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Twitter: Who Is Kathleen Landerkin? Jail Deputy Warden Controversial Tweets


Who Is Kathleen Landerkin, and What Does She Do? Find out more about the prison deputy warden whose provocative statements have sparked a firestorm on Twitter by clicking here.

Kathleen Landerkin is the current Deputy Warden of the Correctional Training Facility (CTF) in the Department of Corrections in the District of Columbia. She previously served as the CTF’s Deputy Warden.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has accused her of “human rights breaches at the D.C. Jail, as well as torture and abuse of pre-trial defendants,” according to the congresswoman.

As a result of Landerkin’s tweets, the storey has become the new political phenomenon, attracting the attention of everyone.

Because she has a prominent position, her remarks have sparked a firestorm on Twitter and in the media.

Who Is Kathleen Landerkin, and What Does She Do? Be Aware of Her Age

Kathleen Landerkin is the Deputy Warden of the Department of Corrections in the District of Columbia. She has worked at the Department of Corrections for over a decade.

According to Your News, she is in charge of directing the day-to-day operations, inmate transportation, and case management for the facility.

Furthermore, she has authority over the offenders who were sentenced on January 6.

The Trump supporters who demonstrated outside the United States Capitol Building on January 6 in order to prevent the vote counting for the 2020 Presidential election are referred to as the January 6 prisoners.

The age of Landerkin appears to be approximately 50 years old based on the photographs she has taken.

We have not, however, been able to obtain any specific information on her birth date at this time

Kathleen Landerkin, Deputy Warden of the county jail, was investigated for her controversial tweets.

Many anti-Trump and anti-Republican comments have been sent by Kathleen Landerkin on her Twitter account.

Despite the fact that she cancelled her account earlier today, the tweets had an influence on the political parties and their followers

Despite the fact that many people have called her out for breaching human rights while serving as a prison deputy warden, her comments have continued to generate a stir on Twitter.

The legislators are concerned about the detainees who were arrested on January 6 and are presently under the supervision of Landerkin in the jail.

Meet Kathleen Landerkin, her husband, and their children.

As of right now, Kathleen Landerkin has not shared any information about her spouse or family with the public.

Following all of this uproar, she has decided to refrain from making any public statements.

In the future, the Jail Deputy may find himself on the receiving end of legal action from the Republican Party.

Due of her strong Democratic affiliation, she used Twitter to express her displeasure with President Trump and Republicans.

She is a supporter of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama

Landerkin has reportedly been teaching white individuals on a daily basis since 2018, according to reports.

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