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Tracey Hinds – Macy Gray Husband – Wiki, Age & Children: Where Is He Now?

Tracey Hinds - Macy Gray Husband -  Wiki, Age & Children: Where Is He Now?

Tracey Hinds, Macy Gray’s ex-husband, is most likely the same age as his ex-wife, according to recent reports.

Tracey Hinds is the ex-husband of Macy Gray, who is a singer.
Macy Gray is an American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, and actress who specialises in R&B and soul music. In addition, she is noted for her unusual raspy voice and a singing style that is highly inspired by Billie Holiday, among other things.
Tracey Hinds, on the other hand, works as a mortgage broker. Let’s find out more about him in the sections below:
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Tracey Hinds is married to Macy Gray.

Tracey Hinds was Macy Gray’s ex-husband before they divorced.
Before they were married, they were in a relationship. According to reports, Tracey and Macy were married in 1996, almost immediately after they started dating. According to reports, their marriage lasted barely four years, and it took them a long time to finalise their divorce. The couples were continuously re-evaluating their options. They were even on the point of reuniting when the incident occurred.
During the time when Macy was expecting their third child, they filed for divorce in 1997. Tracey, on the other hand, seems to have had a significant part in Gary’s musical career, since Macy Gary’s first debut and best-selling album “On how life is” were both recorded while working with Hinds.

Tracey Hinds’s age and wiki are both unknown.

Tracey Hinds and Macy Gray are probably around the same age, if not a little older.
Macy was born in 1967 in Canton, Ohio, and is presently 57 years old. She was born in the United States. Her birthday is September 6th, and she will be celebrating with her friends and family. He has not, however, divulged his precise age or date of birth to the general public as of this writing.

Tracey’s biography, in contrast to that of his wife Mary, has not yet been included on Wikipedia.

the Hinds Children of Tracey Hinds
Tracey and her partner, Mary, are the parents of three children.
Aanisah was born in January of 1995, and Tahmel was born in December of the same year, making 1995 a year of two children for her. Furthermore, she and Hinds divorced in 1997, when she was pregnant with her third child, Happy, at the time.
As he discussed Tracey’s bond with his children, Macy revealed that he had been out of touch with her and their three children for more than two years.

What happened to him?

There is currently no information available on Tracey’s whereabouts.
He is now avoiding the limelight and wishes to maintain a low profile for the time being.
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