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Timothy George Simpkins: Timberview Texas Shooting Suspect- Parents Age & Facebook


Timothy Geroge Simpkins, who is he? In this essay, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the Timberview High School shooting suspect.

The suspect in the Timberview High School shooting is Timothy Geroge Simpkins. The juvenile is currently on the run after shooting at least four individuals, according to Arlington Police.

Timothy allegedly caused a fire at Timberview High School, according to reports. Following an argument, the gunshot occurred.

Timothy George Simpkins, a suspect in a shooting in Timberview, Texas

The culprit in the Timberview Texas Shooting has been identified as Timothy Geroge Simpkins. During a disagreement, a teenager began shooting inside a Dallas-area high school, according to authorities.

The gunfire injured at least four individuals, and the suspect left the scene and is still on the loose. Timberview High School in Arington was the scene of the shooting.

The shooting occurred after a fight, according to the police. Two persons were shot, with two more suffering from unidentified injuries. Three of them appear to be students, while the fourth appears to be an adult.

The suspect’s photo has been shared with the Arlington Police Department, who has requested that officers be notified because he is armed and dangerous.

Find Out His Age And Follow Him On Facebook

According to police records, Timothy Geroge Simpkins is 18 years old.

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate him on Facebook. Following the shooting, he may have cancelled his account. We intend to update it as soon as possible.

Parents of Timothy George Simpkins

The identities of Timothy Geroge Simpkins’ parents are presently unknown.

We don’t know anything about his parents. After the shoot-out, Timothy is still on the run.

We intend to update it as soon as possible.

Is Timothy George Simpkins being held in custody?

Timothy Geroge Simpkins has yet to be apprehended. He is currently being sought by police, and he is claimed to be driving a 2018 silver Dodge Charger with the licence plate number PFY-6260, according to sources.

The shooting happened only a few days after another shooting at Houston Charter School. The incident resulted in the injury of an administrator. The most deadly shooting in Texas occurred in May 2018, when a 17-year-old opened fire at Santa Fe High School, killing at least ten people.

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