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‘The Gay Divorcee’ Actor Partner And Sexuality- Was Fred Astaire Gay?

'The Gay Divorcee' Actor Partner And Sexuality- Was Fred Astaire Gay?

Was Fred Astaire gay? Are the rumours about his sexual orientation accurate? Tune in to find out.

Fred Astaire was a professional actor and Television personality. Also known for his dancing, singing, and choreography skills, Fred has been dubbed as ‘one of the greatest dancers in film history.’ Additionally, he had been a part of the movie and TV industry for 76 years.
Fred was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1981 for his work in films and musicals such as On the Beach, Midas Run, The Purple Taxi, and Three Little Words. He has also appeared in a number of television shows.

Was Fred Astaire Gay?

Fred Astaire was not a gay man, as many people believe. He was married to Phyllis Potter. Additionally, they had two children together, Fred Astaire Jr. and Ava Astaire-McKenzie, who are still alive.
The rumours about him Fred being gay have been making rounds on the internet for some time now. Some of the fans believe that the late actor had to hide his sexuality due to the time and his profession. Moreover, different theories regarding his sexuality have surfaced on the internet.
As Fred was married to Phyllis Potter and Robyn Smith, we can safely assume that he was not a gay man.

‘The Gay Divorcee’ Actor Fred Astaire Partner

In 1933, Fred Astaire got married to Phyllis Potter. As mentioned above, they had two children together. The couple was together until Phyllis’ death in 1954. In fact, they had supported each other through and thick for twenty-one years.
Astaire later got married to Robyn Smith. They tied the knot in 1980. The couple had an age difference of 43 years as Fred was 81 and Robyn was 35 at the time of their marriage
Talking about Robyn, she is a former jockey. In 1973, she was recognised as the first female jockey to win a stakes race. Having appeared in different magazines like Sports Illustrated, Robyn was regarded as one of the best jockeys of her time. In fact, the New York Turf Writers Association decided to honour her during the 1970s.
On August 9, 1980, she retired from sports. After her husband’s demise, she took an interest in aviation and earned a pilot certification.

Fred Astaire Sexuality

Various speculations regarding Fred Astaire’s sexuality can be found on the internet, but none of them seem to be true. His performance in the movie ‘The Gay Divorcee’ might have fueled the rumours about his sexuality.
However, looking at his life, we can conclude that Fred was a heterosexual man.
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