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The Cleaning Lady: Sean Lew Girlfriend – Is He Dating Kaycee Rice? Age Difference

The Cleaning Lady: Sean Lew Girlfriend - Is He Dating Kaycee Rice? Age Difference

20-year-old actor Sean Lew who is on the cast of The Cleaning Lady has been questioned about the details of his girlfriend. Explore more on his personal details.

Sean Lew was born in Walnut, California, on November 25, 2001. He is a multi-talented professional dancer, celebrity choreographer, dance instructor, TV junior chef, actor, and vocalist from Los Angeles, California.

He rose to prominence as a result of his outstanding performance in the drama, The Cleaning Lady. Learn more about the age difference between him and his expected partner, as well as his net worth, in the article below.

Sean Lew Girlfriend: Is He Dating Kaycee Rice?

Sean Lew has been dating his girlfriend Kaycee since 2018, and while they kept their relationship a secret for the first few months, they were soon seen kissing by numerous of Kaycee’s admirers, prompting them to publicly disclose their relationship.

Kaycee has not mentioned any other males she has dated, and as of October 2020, she is dating Sean Lew, has not married, and has no children.

She likes to be a very private person, thus she hasn’t been too open about her past or current relationship. However, given her and her boyfriend’s increasing fame, she is anticipated to break her silence and divulge facts about her personal life in the near future.

Sean And Kaycee Age Difference: How Old Is Sean?

Sean and Kaycee are estimated to be around a year apart and in age difference, as Sean was born in 2001 and Kaycee in 2002.

Kaycee is a fitness enthusiast as well, having just gotten her certification to work as a fitness instructor. Despite her stringent diet, she allows herself one or two cheat meals every week, and she frequently indulges in dark chocolate, one of her favorite desserts.

She is an animal lover who has volunteered at an animal shelter several times in the last five years.

Sean Lew Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor?

Sean Lew’s net worth is estimated to be between $500k and $1 million. His acting and dance careers provide him with the most of his money. He is a very youthful star who has dabbled in a variety of hobbies and amassed a great deal of popularity in a short period of time.

As the actor is very young, he has plenty of time to increase his net worth. He has not, however, divulged his actual net worth.

Sean Lew Instagram Revealed

Sean Lew is active on his Instagram under the handle @seanlew with more than 1 million followers.

The actor however is not active on Twitter but frequently updates his fans about his life and upcoming events in his life from his Instagram account.

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