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Susan Rumfitt Antiques Roadshow Husband Age And Wikipedia Bio

Susan Rumfitt Antiques Roadshow Husband Age And Wikipedia Bio

Susan Rumfitt, a jewellery expert on the BBC Antiques Roadshow, has not revealed her marital status. Let’s see whether she’s married or not.

Susan Rumfitt is the most well-known jewellery expert on the BBC Antiques Roadshow, and she is well-known for her jewellery section in Harrogate.

Since 2006, she has been associated with Antiques Roadshow for fifteen years, during which time she has expanded her expertise of exquisite jewellery.

Many auctioneers contacted her to ask for her opinion on the most well-known brand name in jewellery, as she did for Elstob & Elstob in their Ripon special jewellery sale.

Schedule an appointment with Susan to choose an item from our extensive selection to make your loved one’s Christmas extra memorable!

On the website, more works are being added to The Gallery Collection.

Any item may be DM’d for more information or a virtual online appointment. pic.twitter.com/Wf9kdqbapH

November 22, 2021 — Susan Rumfitt (@SusanRumfitt)

Who Is Susan Rumfitt’s Husband on Antiques Roadshow?

Susan Rumfitt’s marriage has been the topic of speculation as a result of her rising star on television. People are fascinated about her married life because of her rising notoriety.

She hasn’t revealed anything about her personal life, though. Furthermore, her social media platforms provide no information about her family. Due to limited sources that primarily inform about her work life, it has been difficult to locate her spouse or family members.

Susan Rumfitt’s Age, According to Wikipedia

Susan Rumfitt’s age is estimated to be between 40 and 50 years old based on her physical characteristics. Her actual birth date, on the other hand, is still under inquiry at this time.

She is a well-known freelance jewellery expert who, despite her celebrity, does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. Nonetheless, her insufficient information may be found on a website.

She owns a retail gallery in Harrogate’s town centre, in particular. She opened her gallery in 2006, fifteen years ago, and it has since become the most popular destination for private events and companies to purchase jewellery.

Susan Rumfitt’s Bio & Instagram Account

Susan Rumfitt’s bio may be found on a variety of websites, including her professional one. She is a member of one of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow’s specialised teams, having been on the programme for fifteen years.

She is also the most well-known professor on Fakes and Forgeries at Goldsmith’s Hall, where she also serves as a lecturer for the Arts Society. She also spoke at the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies on the history of jewellery design.

Susan Rumfitt may be found on Instagram, where she has 675 followers and has posted 269 times to date.

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