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Sonia Gutierrez KUSA 9News: Age Ethnicity, Parents & Husband


Sonia Gutierrez KUSA 9News: Age Ethnicity, Parents & Husband

It is believed that Sonia Gutierrez was dismissed, along with two other Latina journalists, because she is of Latin American descent. Find out more about the event and Sonia’s age, ethnicity, and other personal information by continuing reading this article.

Sonia Gutierrez is a journalist from the United States who previously worked for KUSA 9News.
In addition, she was named as a co-winner of the Dale Award in 2021, alongside Lori Lizarraga and Kristen Aguirre.
The three colleague journalists shared the honour for their fight against KUSA 9News, which they said had illegally terminated their employment. Let’s take a closer look at the case in question.

The Reason Behind Sonia Gutierrez’s Firing From KUSA 9News

Sonia Gutierrez, a reporter for KUSA 9News Denver, was supposedly dismissed because of her Latino origin.
According to Sonia, the issue wasn’t with her performance, but rather with the hue of her skin tone.
Kristen Aguirre and Lori Lizarraga, two additional reporters who worked for the network at the time of Sonia’s dismissal, were sacked by the network for what appeared to be the same reason
Afterwards, the three female journalists spoke with National Public Radio about the prejudice they had experienced at their previous employer. A formal complaint against their previous employer was also filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States.
Aside from that, the Dale Award for bravery has been given to the three for the year 2021.

What is the age of Sonia Gutierrez?

Sonia Gutierrez is presently thirty years old, according to her birth certificate. In a similar vein, her birthday is celebrated on the 4th of January every year.
Her height looks to be around 5 feet 6 inches, which is consistent with her physical appearance.

Sonia Gutierrez’s Ethnicity and Her Parents

Sonia Gutierrez periodically discusses her parents on Twitter, where she has a large following. She also shares images of her parents, and she frequently expresses gratitude to them for putting up with her antics
Sonia, on the other hand, has kept her parents’ names and identities a secret.
If we talk about Gutierrez’s ethnic background, she is of Latino descent. The journalist’s parents moved her to the United States from Mexico when she was a very small child.
In addition, both of Sonia’s parents are of Mexican descent. As a result, Sonia’s ethnicity is of Latin American descent. More significantly, she is a patriotic citizen of the United States.

Sonia Gutierrez’s Husband and Children

As seen by her Facebook page, Sonia Gutierrez is a happily married woman with a caring spouse.
In addition, Gutierrez’s family includes a small kid. The former 9News Denver reporter has published images of her spouse and kid on social media on occasion. However, she has not revealed their identities or given their names.
In addition, Sonia’s Instagram account is set to “private.” As a result, it is not now feasible to learn more about her marital life.
In spite of this, based on the limited information Gutierrez has provided on Facebook, it appears that Sonia and her husband are in a happy marriage.

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