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Richard Cronin Murderer: Where Is Elaine Shaffer Killer Now? Age Wife & Prison – Dead Or Alive

Richard Cronin Murderer: Where Is Elaine Shaffer Killer Now? Age Wife & Prison - Dead Or Alive

Detailed information regarding Richard Cronin, the man convicted of murdering Elaine Shaffer, has been provided in this page. For further information about the murderer’s wiki, age, wife, and location in 2021, please continue reading the article provided below.

Richard Cronin was the guy who was found guilty of Elaine Shaffer’s murder and sentenced to death.

According to the sources, he was also a mechanic for automobiles and trucks.

Meanwhile, Elaine Shaffer was believed to have been slain by an auto technician in the year 1988, according to rumours.

Well, due to the fact that the incident occurred a long time ago, there is very little information about it available on the internet.

Although we were unsuccessful, here is our attempt to uncover a few further data about Elaine’s convicted killer, Richard Cronin.

Murderer of Elaine Shaffer, Richard Cronin: Where is the Elaine Shaffer Killer These Days?

As of 2021, the location of Elaine Shaffer’s assassin, Richard Cronin, remain a complete mystery.

Furthermore, as previously stated in the preceding section, because the occurrence occurred a long time ago, precise information regarding Richard is difficult to come by.

Specifically speaking, it has been nearly 33 years since Elaine’s passing occurred. Furthermore, as a matter of fact, the case of her murder has not been updated on the internet, making it much more difficult to get additional information.

Nonetheless, the location of serial murderer Richard Cronin will very certainly be revealed in the near future.

Richard Cronin’s Date of Birth and Wife

As of 2021, Richard Cronin will be around 80 years old, according to current estimates.

His exact age, on the other hand, has not yet been determined. Similarly, the age given above is only a preliminary estimate based on Elaine’s age at the time of the incident.

Elaine Marie Marinucci Schaffer was 45 years old when she was murdered, making her the youngest victim ever.

According to official records, she was born on August 9, 1942, in Lorain, Lorain County in the state of Ohio, and died on January 20, 1988, in El Paso County in the state of Colorado.

Is Richard Cronin still alive or dead in the year 2021? Is he now incarcerated?

As of 2021, we will suppose that Richard Cronin has passed away.

However, the news of Richard Cronin’s death has not been formally reported as of this writing.

In contrast, it is possible that Richard spent the better part of his life in jail after being convicted of the murder of Elaine, as has been suggested.

Elaine Marinucci was the daughter of Frank Marinucci and Constance M. Stanzian, and she was born in New York City.

Unfortunately, we were unable to uncover much information regarding Richard’s relatives.

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