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Patti LaBelle Grandchildren Gia & Leyla Edwards: Age Birthday And Parents


Patti LaBelle Grandchildren Gia & Leyla Edwards: Age Birthday And Parents

Awestruck by the prospect of becoming a grandmother for the third time, multi-talented musician Patti LaBelle is overjoyed. Learn more about her two grandchildren by following them on Instagram and taking a look at their personal lives.

“Queen of Rock and Soul music,” as Patti LaBelle is commonly known in the music industry, is only one of many titles that have been bestowed upon the gifted artist. Additionally, she has a slew of acting credits to her credit.

Patti LaBelle, who began her career as a solo performer in 1983, is the mother of three gorgeous grandkids. Her social media profiles are literally bursting at the seams with photographs of the two of them, demonstrating how deep their love is.

Meet Gia and Leyla Edwards, the granddaughters of Patti LaBelle.

Gia LaBelle is the first of Patti LaBelle’s grandchildren. She was born to Zuri, the singer’s son, and his better half, Lona, the singer’s sister. Gia has spent the maximum amount of time with her grandma because she is the first grandchild.

They have a strong emotional connection with one another. LaBelle’s second grandchild, Leyla, was born a few years after Gia, whereas Gia was the first. Leyla, like her sister, has wrapped her grandmother’s tiny pinkie around her own little pinkie.

Her grandkids appreciate listening to their grandmother’s music, as do her and her husband.

The ages and birthdays of Patti LaBelle’s grandchildren

Looking at their photos, Gia appears to be between 7 and 10 years old, whilst Leyla appears to be a few years younger than Gia at this time. Gia was photographed on March 4th, enjoying her birthday, according to an Instagram post.

However, Gia and Leyla’s true ages and birthdates have not been revealed on any of the web platforms to this point.

Zuri Jr., their younger brother, was born on March 11, 2021, and is the youngest of the three

The Edwards’ children, Gia and Leyla

Gia and Leyla Edwards are the daughters of Zuri Edwards (the father) and Lona Edwards (the mother) (Mother). His mother, Patti LaBelle, employs him as a manager, and he is 47 years old.

Furthermore, at the time of writing, no information about Patti’s son and daughter-in-law could be found on any of the web platforms, as they have always kept out of the public eye and spotlight.

On Instagram, you may meet Patti LaBelle’s grandchildren.

Gia Edwards, Patti LaBelle’s granddaughter, may be found on Instagram under the handle @gia edwards, where she can be followed. On Instagram, the small child has a following of around 7404 people.

Despite the fact that their Instagram account is controlled by their parents, there are some nice images of these sweet children published on their IG account.

Furthermore, you may track the development of Patti’s grandkids through their Instagram posts. Everyone adores Gia, Leyla, and Zuri, as well as their younger brother. Their lovely photographs will make you melt in your seat.

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