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Obituary: Who Was Joseph Tavarez? Death Cause – Wife Age And Family

Obituary: Who Was Joseph Tavarez? Death Cause - Wife Age And Family

Who was Joseph Tavarez, and where did he come from? Here’s everything we know about the journalist’s cause of death.

Joseph Tavarez was a journalist and a producer of television shows.

On October 30, 2021, he was scheduled to host a seminar titled “Listen to Your Heart.”

His close friends and followers are mourning his death, which occurred on October 26, 2021.

Joseph Tavárez, a Dominican communicator, has died. CONTROL DIAMANTE https://t.co/T6fbK7Wgdr

October 26, 2021 — Premios Para Loteria Dominicana (@premiosparahoy)

Obituary And Cause Of Death For Joseph Tavarez

Joseph Tavarez, also known as José Agustn Tavárez Gil, was a journalist who died at Cibao Medical Center on Tuesday. A heart attack was the reason of his death.

On Monday, Joseph-Franklin (FM) Mars revealed through Whatsapp that he had a heart attack. The death news arrived the next day’s morning.

He used to work as a reporter in Cibao, where he was born. After more than four decades in the media, Joseph’s death forced him to leave his position. He worked for a number of different companies, including Radio Azul, KV 94, Tv Can, and Musi Can.

In addition, in 2017, he received producer credits on Héctor Acosta’s show Un Bohemio Cibaeo. He also directed programs for Comando 88, such as the online “La Revista Digital.net,” “Control Diamante.com,” and the radio station “Los Dueos del Medioda.”

He’d previously worked with Frederick Martinez and Nelson Javier el (Crocodile). His job as a numerologist at Control Diamante, however, was one aspect of his profession that helped him stand out.

Joseph’s medical history was extensive. According to sources, he was afflicted with a variety of ailments. He once sought a catheterization at the Cruz Jiminian Clinic despite not having insurance.

According to accounts, the journalist has been close to death three times in the past. His poor health was caused by a cardiac condition that he just overcame. However, it seems that it was the cause of his death.

Hopefully, Tavarez’s spirit rests in peace, and his family finds the courage to get through this tough moment.

His funeral details, including the time and location, are now unclear since his family hasn’t said anything about it.

Age of Joseph Tavarez

Joseph Tavarez was 55 years old at the time.

He was born in 1966, according to his birth certificate.

Wife And Family Of Joseph Tavarez

Joseph Tavarez kept his wife’s identity a secret.

According to sources, Joseph’s life was marred by divorces and the loss of custody of his children. Eliezer, Joseph Junior, and Johanna Mara Tavárez were among his three children. He and his mother, Margarita Tavárez, used to reside in the Los Reyes area.

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