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Obituary: Phil Schaap Death Cause: Illness Update -Wife Age & Net Worth


Phil Schaap, a legendary American record producer, has died at the age of 70, according to his obituary. Phil’s wife, Ellen LaFurn, is the only one who survives him.

Phil Schaap was a jazz disc jockey, producer, historian, and archivist who lived in the United States. Since 1981, he has hosted two jazz radio shows, Bird Flight and Traditions in Swing, on a regular basis.

His work has been nominated for eleven Grammy Awards, and he has been awarded seven of them, three for historical writing and three for producing, as well as one for audio engineering and mixing.

Phil Schaap’s Obituary – Cause of Death and Medical Status Update

The exact cause of Schaap’s death has not yet been determined. His family has not disclosed his illness or the cause of his death because they are currently in mourning over Phil’s passing.

Phil passed away on the evening of September 7, 2021, on a Tuesday. His friends shared the news of his death on Twitter, expressing their heartfelt condolences and expressing their sorrow. Following that, many people shared the news on social media and expressed their condolences to his family and close friends.

The news of his death came as a shock to his fans, but he had been battling cancer for quite some time.

In 2018, he posted a thank-you message on his Facebook page, as well as an update on his health situation. Phil was treated with chemotherapy and underwent two different and major surgeries during his recovery.

Phil Schaap’s Wife, as well as his age

Phil Schaap was married to Ellen LaFurn, with whom he had a son.

Ellen is a retired school teacher who has turned her passion for jazz singing into a career as a professional jazz singer. In 1997, they exchanged vows.

Phil died at the age of 70, having reached the end of his life. On April 6th, he celebrated his 70th birthday, and there was no word on the status of his illness.

Find out how much Phil Schaap is worth.

Phil Schaap’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.5 million in 2021, according to Forbes.

The Seven Grammy award winner was a key figure in Jazz music and hosted jazz shows since 1970. Not only that, he was a historian and archivist as he re-released many archival recordings from 1984 to 1991. Phil also taught jazz at Columbia University and Rutgers University.

Besides that, he was a distinguished member of the Board of Directors Advisory Committee of the Jazz Foundation of America.

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