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Jessica Gomez Castellanos: Nick Castellanos Wife – Children Age & Net Worth IG


Jessica Gomez Castellanos: Nick Castellanos Wife - Children Age & Net Worth IG

Since Nick Castellanos’ marriage to Jessica Gomez Castellanos began roughly four years ago, the couple has been loyal to the American baseball player. In February 2021, the pair exchanged vows for the first time.

Jessica Gomez Castellanos, better known by her stage name Jess Castellanos, is the wife of professional baseball player Nick Castellanos of the United States.

Aside from that, she is also the creator of @allwaysscocial or All Ways Social, a full-service creative firm focusing in marketing and advertising.

Her agency assists companies and enterprises in expanding their social media presence through the provision of services such as web and content creation, graphic design, and social media administration.

Who Is Jessica Gomez, Nick Castellanos’ Wife? What Is Jessica Gomez’s Relationship Status?

Jessica Gomez Castellanos began dating baseball player Nick in 2017, and the two were married on February 8, 2021, according to their marriage licence.

Gomez, on the other hand, is the second wife of Castellanos. Previously, her present spouse Nick was married to Vanessa Hernandez, whom he met in high school and fell in love with.

They had been in a relationship for about 11 years and were married for two years between 2015 and 2017 before splitting up. They separated in 2017 and called it quits on their relationship.

Despite this, the pair, Jess and Nick, appear to be content in their marriage. We wish them the best for their future with their family!

What Is Jessica’s Actual Age?

In accordance with her physical appearance, Jessica Gomez Castellanos’s age appears to be in the range of 25 to 30 years old.

Her actual birth date, on the other hand, is not publicly disclosed. In addition, she appears to be really gorgeous and stunning.

It appears that she has a thin build and is of ordinary height. Nick and Jessica appear to be a perfect match on the surface level, and they are.

Is Jessica the mother of any children?

Jessica does not have any children of her own at this time.

Regardless of the fact that she does not yet have her own kid, she is devoted to Liam, the son of Nick and his ex-wife, Vanessa, whom she loves and cares for.

Liam was born in the month of August in the year 2013. Gomez is constantly posting adorable and adorable photographs of Liam on her social media accounts.

Jessica Gomez has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Jessica and her husband, Nick Castellanos, have a combined net worth of around $3 million, according to public records.

In the meanwhile, there is no information accessible on Gomez’s personal net worth at this time.

Aside from that, she has worked as a freelancer for many years and today owns and operates her own business. She must be bringing in a substantial sum of money.

She also has an Instagram account, where she posts images of her extravagant lifestyle. It is reasonable to presume that she possesses a substantial quantity of net worth.

Is Jessica a member of Instagram?

Castellanos has a somewhat active presence on Instagram.

Jess Castellanoss has over 7,000 followers on her Instagram account, which can be found at @jesscastellanoss.

She uses her Instagram account to share gorgeous photographs of herself, her husband, and her kid Liam with her followers. Through her posts, she conveys her affection for her family and dogs.

Furthermore, Gomez is a very active user of the Twitter platform. Her Twitter account is @jessgomezzz, and she has a Facebook page. She also has over 2,000 followers on Twitter, according to her profile.

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