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Jeff Banks Girlfriend Danielle Thomas: Pole Assassin’s Monkey Allegedly Attacks A Kid

 What is the name of Jeff Banks’ girlfriend? Here’s what we know about the assassin on the pole.

Jeff Banks is the head coach of the Texas Longhorns in college football. He is the tight ends coach and special team coordinator in addition to being the assistant head coach.

During his tenure, he worked with a variety of teams, including Washington State, Idaho State, UTEP, Texas A&M, and Alabama. As an assistant, he also won the 2020 CFP National Championship.

Aside from that, Jeff was also a punter in football. Citrus and the Washing State were two of his favourite games to play.

He makes almost a million dollars as a special team coordinator. His girlfriend’s latest storey about her monkey biting someone has created quite a stir on the internet.

Girlfriend of Jeff Banks

Danielle Thomas is Jeff Banks’ girlfriend.

She has worked as a pole dancer in the past. People referred to her as Pole Assasin during her career. She also made an appearance on The Jerry Springer Show at one point.

Some people believe Danielle is Jeff’s wife. Nonetheless, there is little evidence to confirm the statement’s veracity.

Jeff appears to have abandoned his wife and children in order to pursue Danielle. The football coach was embroiled in a lot of controversy as a result of this incident.

Monkey Pole by Jeff Banks What Happened When An Assassin’s Monkey Allegedly Attacked A Child?

Jeff Banks’ monkey allegedly assaulted a child on Haloween on November 2, 2021, according to reports.

Tom Campbell, a photographer from Huston, tweeted that he learned about it from a reliable source. Such rumours don’t garner a lot of attention, especially when they come from someone who isn’t a college football reporter. Tom, on the other hand, is a journalism student from Texas A&M University, and his images have been featured in mainstream publications.

In addition, Bank’s girlfriend confirmed the rumours on Twitter. Gia, a white-faced capuchin that belonged to his fiancée Danielle Thomas, was the monkey. Pole Assasin used to perform alongside her when she was a pole dancer.

Thomas later defended herself on Twitter. She claimed that a child went beyond the Haloween haunted home and into the monkey’s quarters. People later told her that a child had been bitten, but that the injuries was minor.

Tom even posted a video of the haunted house and the cage’s location. It is clear from the footage that the child’s arm was stuck. Jeff’s girlfriend seemed to be uninvolved in the incident.

The special teams coordinator for the Longhorns has remained mum on the subject.

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