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Ivy Getty Wikipedia – Big Fat Wedding At San Fransisco Cost And Net Worth

Ivy Getty Wikipedia - Big Fat Wedding At San Fransisco Cost And Net Worth

Ivy Getty’s official Wikipedia page does not yet have a biography for her. In this piece, you’ll learn about her wedding weekend in San Francisco.

Ivy Getty is a model and artist who is best known as John Gilbert Getty’s daughter. He is a descendent of J. Paul Getty, a multibillionaire oil magnate.

She just married photographer Tobias Alexander Engel in a ceremony officiated by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at City Hall in San Francisco.

The bride met her future husband via a family acquaintance, and the two reunited during Paris Fashion Week. During their courtship, the New York-based couple travelled extensively. During one of their abroad trips, Toby proposed to Ivy.

Wikipedia’s Ivy Getty

Ivy Getty was born in the United States of America in 1995, and as of 2021, she is 26 years old.

John Gilbert Getty (father) and Ann Gilbert Getty (mother) are her parents (mother). Jean-Paul Getty, sometimes known as J. Paul Getty, was the patriarch of the Getty family and a British petroleum magnate who was born in the United States.

Gordon Getty, Timothy Getty, J. Ronald Getty, George Franklin Getty II, and Gordon Peter Getty are her great uncles.

Ivy also received good marks at the conclusion of high school and went on to get a Bachelor’s degree from a public institution in the United States.

Ivy Getty’s Expensive San Francisco Wedding

Ivy Getty, the rich oil heiress, married last weekend in a lavish ceremony in San Francisco, surrounded by the glitterati and wearing a bespoke John Galliano gown to the nines.

She married photographer Tobias ‘Toby’ Engel in San Francisco City Hall on November 7. The pair exchanged vows in the rotunda of the famed Beaux-Arts structure and then partied the night away, so this wasn’t a hastily arranged justice of the peace ceremony.

Ivy was the pinnacle of luxury in her handcrafted gown, which was covered in gleaming mirror pieces and topped with a veil embroidered with guitars for her late father and walnuts for her late grandmother.

She was also less bridal this weekend at a theme party, when she and her friends, including actress Anya Taylor-Joy, dressed up in 1960s-themed clothes complete with period hair and makeup.

What is the net worth of Ivy Getty?

Oil heiress Ivy Getty is said to be worth a billion dollars. She is one of the heiresses of J. Paul Getty’s great-oil grandfather’s fortune.

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