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Is Runiktv Abusive? Sierraslaays Abuse Allegations – Watch Ig Live

Is Runiktv Abusive? Sierraslaays Abuse Allegations - Watch Ig Live

Runiktv, a social media sensation and artist, is accused of abusing his then-girlfriend Sierraslaays, according to reports. Let’s find out as soon as possible whether the charge is true or if it is being made for publicity purposes only.

Runik, commonly known by his stage name Runiktv, is a social media sensation. Furthermore, his online celebrity is something we should talk about. In the same way, he is the most followed person on Instagram. Runiktv, on the other hand, came into the public eye because of his relationship with Sierraslaays.

Sierraslaays, on the other hand, is a well-known social media personality and content creator who often releases challenges and prank films on her YouTube channel.

In recent weeks, the news concerning Sierraslaay’s alleged mistreatment on Runiktv has been the most talked-about storey on the internet stream.

Is Runiktv a source of abuse?

A video demonstrating the injuries and marks on Sierraslaays’s body that she claims Runiktv caused has been made public by Sierraslaays, Runiktv’s former lover. Furthermore, she even admitted that she had been through a difficult domestic situation.

Sieraslaays appears to have bruises on her wrists and arms, as evidenced by the images that have gone viral. In fact, she showed them ligature scars on her neck as well as cuts on her pregnant tummy during the interview.

Sierraslaays also talked out about her experiences with Runik, including how she pretended to be someone else for the camera. She also discussed the abuse she has endured at the hands of Runik. She also counselled her fans and followers to be selective in their romantic relationships.

Runi, on the other hand, took to social media to air his side of the tale, posting charges and reactions on Instagram and YouTube. He went into detail about what was taking place behind the scenes.

Runik also displayed a video of them bickering, in which he refers to her as a racist when she asks him to return to Mexico. Runik allegedly labelled her a racist in one of the videos. There have also been other other films released in which Sierraslaays is seen attacking and crushing him to the ground.

With all of the back and forth between the former couple, we can’t say that Runiv is only abusive when we take both accounts into consideration. Now we’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

Watch Ig Live as Sierraslaays is accused of child abuse.

Runik and Sierra are the once-famous couple who received widespread attention on the internet. Unfortunately, the pair has ended their romance in such a discordant manner that their supporters have been taken aback by their decision to split.

As we all know, Sierra made a public accusation of domestic abuse on her ex-boyfriend Runik, which has now been debunked. In addition, he revealed the truth about what was going on behind the scenes. So, it has become abundantly evident that they were acting in such a fictitious manner for the purpose of their supporters.

They have already stepped out into the open and spoken about the violence that they have witnessed and experienced. The former couple’s live session can be viewed on their Instagram account. In a similar vein, they have also uploaded a video to YouTube.

Many of their admirers were taken aback when they discovered the truth about their lovely family. In addition, the couple is expecting their first child in May 2021. Runik and Sierra have also collaborated on a YouTube channel, which they titled Runik and Sierra.

Runiktv’s net worth is unknown. Runiktv, also known as Revealed Runik, is a social media sensation who has amassed more than 1.50 million subscribers on his youtube channel. It is estimated that he has a net worth of $300,000, according to sources.

As a result, he must have earned a substantial sum of money through his YouTube channel, as well as from other promotions conducted through his TikTok username. His exact net worth, on the other hand, has yet to be published.

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