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ImperialHal Wiki, Real Name, Girlfriend, Ranking, Twitch, Net Worth.


ImperialHal Wiki, Real Name, Girlfriend, Ranking, Twitch, Net Worth.

Philip Dosen, or “ImperialHal,” is a professional Apex Legends player from the United States. He is presently a member of the TSM team.

ImperialHal is well-known as a professional peak legends player as well as an invigorating Twitch streaming personality. His status as an ambitious and competent athlete is held in high regard by many younger and rising players.

ImperialHal’s Wikipedia page, real name, and girlfriend are all listed below.

ImperialHal has remained ignored by the Wikipedia community. However, Liquipedia has constructed a profile for him that includes all of his accomplishments.

ImperialHal’s true name is Philip Dosen, and he is the creator of the game. ImperialHal, who is now occupied with furthering his e-sports profession, is still unattached at this time.

ImperialHal’s ranking, Twitch channel, and net worth are all available here.

At the time of writing, ImperialHal is rated #1268 in the globe and #251 in his own nation. ImperialHal can be found on Twitch under the handle TSM ImperialHal, where he streams for approximately 7-8 hours per day. His Twitch channel has nearly 528k followers, which is a significant number.

ImperialHal has earned an estimated total of $115,584 via his participation in tournaments. In addition, he gets money via broadcasting on Twitch and YouTube channels.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

Name ImperialHal

Birthday is on May 31st.

Age: twenty-one years

Gender Male

5 feet 8 inches in height

Nationality American

Esports professional who makes a living at it

Married/Single Single

Instagram tsm imperialhal

Twitter @TSM ImperialHal

TSM ImperialHal may be found on YouTube.

ImperialHal has ten interesting facts to share with you.

The American footballer was born on May 31, 1999, making him 21 years old at the time of this writing. He stands at a respectable 5 feet 8 inches in height.

ImperialHal is presently unmarried since he is concentrating on his e-sports profession at the moment.

Philip, nicknamed ImperialHal, has chosen to keep his family’s identity a secret in order to protect their privacy.

He is active on Instagram, where he has about 50.8k followers under the handle @tsm imperialhal. He also has approximately 100,000 followers on Twitter, where he goes by the handle @TSM ImperiaHal.

ImperialHal is a professional esports player from the United States of America who has the nationality of the United States.

ImperialHal has earned a total of $117,038 in prize money from tournaments over the course of 43 matches. In addition, he makes money through youtube and twitch streams.

ImperialHal, the legendary and OP player, streams on Twitch for around 7-8 hours each day, which many of his followers find enjoyable.

Before he became an Apex Legend, he used to play Fortnite. He was also a professional Fortnite player at one point in his career.

He has won several tournaments while playing with TSM, including the ALGS, the Code Red Charity Tournament, and TwitchCon San Diego, among others.

ImperialHal, who began his professional gaming career at the age of 19, has earned a world ranking of #1268 and a United States ranking of #251 in the game titled ‘Apex Legends Player,’ according to GameRankings.

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