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How Old Is Amy Grantham? Graham Nash Wikipedia Net Worth, Wife Age ?

How Old Is Amy Grantham? Graham Nash Wikipedia Net Worth, Wife Age ?

Amy Grantham, Graham Nash wife, age is 39 years old. Find out more about her in the article below.

Amy Grantham is an actress, writer, and the wife of Graham Nash.

Talking about Graham, he is a musician, singer, and songwriter. Mostly known for being a member of the Hollies, he has already been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Some of his works include Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress, Our House, Better Days, The Air That I Breathe, and many more.

Let us learn about Graham and his wife Amy.

How Old Is Amy Grantham? Graham Nash Wife Age

Amy Grantham’s age is 39 years old.

On the other hand, Graham is currently 79 years old, making him 40 years older than his wife. The age difference between the couple has been a topic of discussion for the public. However, the couple does not seem to be affected by the gossip and are very much in love with each other.

Graham and Amy had known each other since 2016 but tied the knot in 2019. They will be celebrating their 3 years’ marriage anniversary next April.

Additionally, Graham was previously married to Susan Sennett and Rose Eccles.

Amy Grantham Wikipedia

Amy Grantham has not graced the pages of Wikipedia. However, she can be found on the official website of IMDb.

Grantham is well known for portraying the role of Lily in the movie Lily. She has also appeared in the movie Writer’s block. Apart from being a talented actress, she is an extraordinary writer too. In fact, she is the co-writer of Lily.

Amy is active on Instagram as @ amygrantham and @woodstockings. She posts her art and works on the latter account. Moreover, she has mentioned it in her bio too.

Amy Grantham Net Worth

Amy Grantham has an estimated Net Worth of $13 million. Her primary source of income is through her profession as an artist.

On the other hand, Graham Nash’s Net Worth amounts up to $35 million. Through his career as a successful musician, Graham has garnered a huge Net Worth.

Who Is Amy Grantham?

Amy Grantham’s talents know no bounds, as she is an artist and photographer too.

As a matter of fact, she is a self-taught artist. Currently based in New York City, she expresses her emotions through her works. Furthermore, her website states that she feels comfortable expressing her thoughts through black and white image photography.

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