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Has She Passed Away? Obituary: Who Is Colleen Hoekstra Clara City? Death News


Has She Passed Away? Obituary: Who Is Colleen Hoekstra Clara City? Death News

Colleen Hoekstra, who is she? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the Granite Falls accident survivor.

Colleen Hoekstra is a Granite Falls accident survivor.

She was involved in a collision with another car in Granite Falls Township in 2020.

The number of fatal car accidents increased in 2021. https://t.co/pyCgoxRrNv

— January 4, 2022, CBS 3 Duluth (@CBS3Duluth)

Who is Colleen Hoekstra, according to her obituary? Is She No Longer With Us?

Colleen Hoekstra does not seem to have died.

There are no official records, including obituaries, the date of the occurrence, or the reason, that point to such a tragic incident. Similarly, no announcements about Collen’s burial or other events have made it to the internet. Regardless, the rumour mill is in full motion.

Furthermore, there isn’t much information about Collen in the web directory. She hasn’t revealed any personal details about herself, such as her educational credentials, career experience, or family.

Similarly, her lack of social media presence makes fact-checking difficult, since her participation on social media remains suspect. We do know that she is from Clara City, Minnesota, and that she is 57 years old.

Collen’s death hasn’t been officially confirmed, so pronouncing her dead doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. If the rumours on the internet are true, she will hopefully be able to rest in peace.

Official records reveal that she received non-life-threatening injuries in the 2020 Granite Falls disaster, hence the rumours regarding her death are most likely a fake. As a result, even if the news is genuine, the reason of her death is likely to be different.

Granite Falls Accident Survivor Colleen Hoekstra

Granite Falls accident survivor Colleen Hoekstra.

On August 27, 2020, she was injured after colliding with another car. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, she was travelling southbound on Highway 23 in a 2017 GMC Acadia when she collided with Jason George Paur’s 2010 Ford truck going westbound on Highway 212.

According to police, a missing Granite Falls lady died in a vehicle accident. https://t.co/x9ZT3PLb3b pic.twitter.com/NHkkRdKXgv

April 27, 2019 — WCNC Charlotte (@wcnc)

Both were wearing seat belts, weren’t inebriated, and their airbags were activated. As a consequence, they suffered minor injuries and were sent to Granite Falls Hospital for treatment.

Collen was 56 years old at the time of the accident. Jason was a 50-year-old man from Bird Island, Minnesota. It’s still unclear who was to blame for the accident. The police, as well as the media, never said anything about the case.

Collen’s death has, nevertheless, been rumoured on the internet. It was allegedly triggered by the 2020 event. However, this seems to be doubtful, considering official sources state that she had non-life threatening injuries.

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