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Did Magic Johnson Cheat On His Wife, How Did He Contract HIV AIDS? Kids & Family Photos


Did Magic Johnson Cheat On His Wife, How Did He Contract HIV AIDS? Kids & Family Photos

Magic Johnson, the former NBA great, surprised his fans when he revealed that he had caught HIV. Many people were concerned about the NBA star, while others were interested as to whether or not he had strayed on his wife. In this essay, you will learn everything about him, including how he caught the infection.

Magi Johnson is a former NBA superstar and professional basketball player who dominated the sport in the 1980s and 1990s. He is most known for his time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In addition, the Los Angeles Lakers picked Johnson as the first overall pick in the 1979 NBA draught. He was named NBA Finals Most Valuable Player in his rookie season after the Lakers won the title in his first season, and he went on to win four more championships with the Lakers during his subsequent seasons.

Is It Possible That Magic Johnson Cheated On His Wife? How Did He Become Infected With HIV/AIDS?

Magic Johnson is married to his wife Earlitha ‘Cookie’ Kelly, with whom he has been with since their wedding in 1991. Mike was diagnosed with HIV less than a month later by physicians.

With the help of a press conference, the NBA player shared his HIV diagnosis with the public in order to raise awareness about HIV and to combat the stigma associated with the condition.

We don’t know if Johnson caught the virus before or after he married his wife, and we don’t know when he did. Despite the fact that it is apparent that he caught the illness through unsanitary sexual transmission.

During that time, Johnson’s wife was expecting a child, and he was scared that anything might happen to his wife and the child.

Johnson is taking a specific type of medication that is intended to keep his HIV infection from progressing to AIDS-like symptoms. He is required to take the medications on a daily basis. He is leading a healthy lifestyle and attempting to raise as much knowledge about the sickness as possible in order to combat the stigma around the disease.

Photographs of Magic Johnson’s children and family

Magic Johnson is a devoted family man who likes posting pictures of his children and other members of his family on social media. He has caught numerous special moments with his family, which he frequently shares on his social media sites, which have millions of followers.

In addition to his website, Johnson is active on social media platforms, where we can find him on Instagram. His Instagram account is @magicjohnson, and the former NBA star has 2.6 million followers on the social media network

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