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Dennis Allen Wife Sissy: Age Kids & New Husband?Where Is She Now?

Dennis Allen Wife Sissy:  Age Kids & New Husband?Where Is She Now?

Dennis Allen was a nasty criminal who used to abuse his wife, Sissy, to the point of her death. What happened to her? Learn more about their marriage partnerships by reading their biographies.

When it comes to drug traffickers in Australia throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Dennis Allen was one of the most demonised figures, having been implicated in a number of killings and drug smuggling operations.

Allen was known by the alias Mr. Death or Mr. D throughout his adolescent years, when he was heavily active in the criminal scene. In 1985, he dismembered Anton Kenny with a chainsaw, establishing him as a Mr. Death and bringing him into the public eye.

Further evidence of his callousness may be found in the fact that he was sentenced to 10 years in jail for rape in the 1970s. In addition, he considered a career as a well-known drug dealer in the Melbourne metropolitan region.

Sissy, the wife of Dennis Allen, has vanished without a trace.

Dennis Allen married Sissy in 1981, and his wife, Sissy, was a heroin addict as well as her husband. Dennis and Sissy were in a committed relationship, and they ended up being married inside the Pentridge Prison.

In the past, Sissy used to coerce her younger sister into working as a drug courier, while the Allen family had used the younger sister for heroin smuggling. More importantly, during her time as a prisoner at Fairlea Women’s Prison, the Allen family utilised Sissy’s sister to transport heroin to her sister, who in turn delivered it to Sissy.

Allen was a psychopath, and he used to treat Sissy as if she were a slave, beating her on a daily basis. Furthermore, Allen used to leave her chained in the washing machine for the whole of the night. She committed herself in 1986 when she was 27 years old.

What Is the Age of Dennis Allen’s Wife?

Sissy died in 1986 at the age of 27 in Pentridge Institution, the same prison where she had met and married Dennis Allen. Sissy had met and married Dennis Allen while serving time in prison. Her actual date of birth, on the other hand, is still unknown. Furthermore, there are just a few information about her background available on the internet.

Dennis Allen died in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, at the age of 35, as a result of heart failure. According to a separate storey, his heart had ceased working as a result of his long-term drug usage and abuse.

Dennis Allen’s Wife’s Children, as well as her New Husband

Dennis Allen died just five years after she had been married to him, during which time she had been tormented for years on end. When it comes to her children, she has two daughters, one of them is named Jade Allen, and the other is named Jade Allen.

Furthermore, upon reading Dennis’s whole history, it becomes evident that he and Sissy had two children as a result of their marriage. Her only other spouse was Dennis Allen, and she had no additional children.

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