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Debbie Garcia Age: Flow La Movie Wife Or Girlfriend – Were They Married?

 Debbie Garcia, 31, was best known as the wife of Peurto-Rican music producer Flow La Movie. Let’s find out more about her down below!

On December 15, 2021, a plane disaster killed seven passengers and two crew members on board.

The jet took off from La Isabela International Airport, intended for Orlando, Florida, however it ran into troubles 15 minutes later and crashed at Las Americas International Airport, according to dailymail.

When the plane crashed, the artist Flow La Movie was on board. Following the plane disaster, he, his wife Debbie Garcia, their son, and six other Americans were confirmed killed.

Debbie Garcia’s Age and Biography

According to the source, Debbie Garcia died at the age of 31.

Her actual date of birth has yet to be released to the general world. On November 8, she is wished a happy birthday on her Instagram account. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio, according to her birth month.

Debbie Garcia’s profile has yet to be added to Wikipedia.

She was a businesswoman. ‘Stilo by Debbie,’ a fast-fashion label for women and children, was her business.

Were They Married, Flow La Movie Wife Or Girlfriend?

Debbie Garcia was the wife of Jose Angel Hernandez, the producer of Flow La Movie.

His stage name is Flow La Movie, and he is a Puerto Rican musician. By releasing multiple incredible tracks, he has been able to capture the public’s attention. He also works with Bad, Bunny, and Ozuna on a regular basis.

For the past seven years, the pair has been married. In fact, on their Instagram account, they were seen enjoying their seven-year anniversary. On her Instagram account, she shared a photo of the two of them together.

The couple, as well as their 4-year-old son Jayden Hernandez, died in a plane crash on December 16.

Debbie Garcia has an Instagram account.

Debbie Garcia went by the handle @debbiejimenes on Instagram.

She currently has 265 thousand followers and 692 posts. Her Instagram account is full with beautiful photos of herself and her partner.

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