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Cooper Pate Age – How Old Is Jonas Pate’s Son Cooper Pate From Outer Banks?


Cast of the Outer Banks Cooper Pate is estimated to be between the ages of 15-20. To learn more about Cooper’s relationship, continue reading.

Cooper Pate is the son of Jonas Pate, a well-known director and producer.

Governor Roy Cooper also appointed his father to the Governor’s Advisory Council on Film, Television, and Digital Streaming.

On addition, his sister Lilah Pate is a rising television actress best known for her work in the Outer Banks. Let’s go right into our issue without wasting any time.

Cooper Pate is a man in his forties.

Cooper Pate’s age is estimated to be between 15 and 20 years old. His specific date of birth, however, has not been made public.

Furthermore, his parents have kept their son’s identity a secret from the public.

Cooper Pate’s Position

Cooper Pate, the son of Jonas and Jennifer Pate, has yet to reveal his work history to the public.

We can assume he is a high school student based on his appearance. Having a deep understanding of his family members, on the other hand, leads us to anticipate that he might pursue a decent job in the future.

Parents of Cooper Pate

Cooper Pate was born in the United States to Jonas and Jennifer Pate. Pate has remained tight-lipped about his mother Jennifer’s work life.

His father, Jonas, is an American screenwriter, director, and producer, according to reports. According to his IMDB page, Jonas is most known for his roles in The Grave, Deceiver, The Take, and other films.

On Instagram, you may meet his sister and girlfriend.

Cooper Pate’s younger sister Lilah Pate has the Instagram handle @lilah.pate.

She has a massive 155k followers on Instagram. Lilah is a rising television actress in Hollywood. She’s also known for her role as Peleer in the Netflix original series Outer Banks, which premieres in 2020.

Cooper has not made any specifics about his partner public, unlike his sister. He has also avoided discussing his relationship status and dating history in front of the public.

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