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Biz Markie Disability & Health: What Did He Die From? Age Wife & Net Worth


What caused Biz Markie’s death? The 57-year-old rapper and beatboxer died on Friday, July 16. Let’s find out what killed him.

Biz Markie was an American rapper who was most known for his roles in films such as “Just A Friend,” “Nobody Beasts the Biz,” “Vapors,” “Pickin’ Boogers,” and others.

He also published other albums, including ‘I Need a Haircut,’ ‘The Biz Never Sleeps,’ ‘Goin’ Off,’ and others.

In addition, he is a well-known comedian, actor, and producer. He’s also known as the ‘Clown Prince of Hip Hop.’

What Caused Biz Markie’s Death?

The cause of Biz Markie’s death has yet to be revealed.

However, according to sources, he was suffering from a number of health concerns.

At 6:25 p.m., Biz died in a Baltimore hospital. Biz Markie, according to his representative Jenni Izumi, passed away quietly.

However, the official cause of death has not yet been made public.

Disability & Health Biz Markie

According to Rollingstone, Biz Markie has struggled with health concerns in recent years as a result of his decade-long battle with Type 2 diabetes.

He was also admitted to the hospital due to severe disease-related complications.

He had a stroke in 2021 after going into a diabetic coma. Markie’s health continued to deteriorate, eventually leading to his death in late June.

Age of Biz Markie

At the time of his death, Biz Markie was 57 years old.

He was born on April 8, 1964, and he used to celebrate his birthday on that day.

Biz Markie, a rapper, died on July 16, 2021.

Wife of Biz Markie

Tara Davis, Biz Markie’s model wife, is his life partner. According to hitc, the couple married in a private ceremony in 2005.

They did, however, keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

Furthermore, it is known that Tara and her daughter operate a company called Lynn Scents.

Biz Markie’s net worth is unknown.

According to Celebrity NetWorth, Biz Markie’s net worth is believed to be approximately $3 million.

The royalties from his song are his main source of income. His actual net worth, on the other hand, is still being investigated.

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