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Biloxi: Who Is Adam Thornton Missing Mississippi? Update – Is He Found?


Biloxi: Who Is Adam Thornton Missing Mississippi? Update - Is He Found?

Adam Thornton, a Mississippi man who went missing in Biloxi, has not been found. Is he still alive? Let’s find out more about the man who has gone missing down below!

Adam Thornton Jr., a missing person from Biloxi, Mississippi, has been reported missing.

According to reports, this news has not yet been published by official websites, and as a result, little information has been shared with the media. For the time being, this has only been communicated on social media platforms.

He was first charged with first-degree murder and first-degree battery, which were both felonies. According to reports, he was being detained at the Pulaski County Jail.

Who Is Adam Thornton, and Why Is He Missing in Mississippi? What’s the latest — Has he been located?

Adam Thornton Jr. is a 37-year-old guy who lives in the United States. He has been missing from Biloxi, Mississippi, since December 27, 2021, according to authorities.

He is also known as the Little Rock Man, and he was charged with the 25th murder on Sunday, as well as with the death of another man in connection with it.

According to reports, a man called Kevin Criss was shot in the vicinity of South Martin. The other victim, Kerry Burtain, had further gunshot wounds, but is in stable condition. Following the conclusion of the inquiry, the police stayed on the scene for an extended period of time. Adam was later found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. According to reports, he is being detained at the Pulaski County Jail.

According to the source, he was present when authorities arrived and was hauled in to be interviewed on Saturday. Following that, on Sunday, officers obtained a search warrant and searched his residence. During a check of PCP’s house, police discovered his drug paraphernalia and an assault gun. Furthermore, he was charged of possessing medication-related equipment as well as concurrent possession of drugs and firearms. In addition, his court appearance is scheduled on August 5.

Is Adam Thornton no longer alive?

The answer is no, Adam Thornton is not dead at this time.

As previously stated, the accused convicted criminal is presently spending a sentence at Pulaski Country Prison for his crimes. He is being held without bond.

Adam Thornton’s Age: How Much Does He Look Like He Is?

Adam Thornton is presently 37 years old, according to his birth certificate.

There is currently no information on his actual age or birth date available to the public. Per the tweet, the man who had gone missing had been spotted near Biloxi, Mississippi.

Regarding his physical characteristics, he was described as being 6 feet 1 inches tall, according to the Associated Press.

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