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BananaSlamJamma [Twitch Star] Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, YouTube, Instagram

BananaSlamJamma [Twitch Star] Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, YouTube, Instagram

A professional Dota 2 player, Twitch streamer, and analyst, Brian Canavan (also known as BananaSlamJamma) is an American whose bio is still not published on Wikipedia but is available on some other unauthorised websites. He is most recognised for his work as a Dota 2 analyst.

He began playing Dota 2 right before the 2012 International Tournament of Champions.
Brian entered the competition in early 2015, after finishing first in the NADotA Elite League the previous year.. He was recruited by DeMoN and his crew to participate in the summer Rift. The team, on the other hand, will finally finish in the final position.
A month later, the group’s pre-existing issues resulted in an unwelcome split in the organisation, a month after the group failed to gain TI5 certification. Since then, BSJ has continued to broadcast for Complexity Gaming on the Twitch platform.

Detailed information on BananaSlamJamma [Twitch Starwiki ]’s and age

The biography of BananaSlamJamma has not yet been included in the official Wikipedia page.
Canavan was born on June 2, 1992, making him 28 years old at the time of this writing. Gemini is the zodiac sign that he was born under.
He was born in the United States and has the nationality of the United States.

His Female Companion

BananaSlamJamma’s private life has always been a well guarded secret; there is no information accessible about his current and previous relationship statuses.
He is most likely single right now, according to the latest information.

YouTube channel of BananaSlamJamma

Brian’s official YouTube account, where he publishes his live streams on a regular basis, is available to view on the internet. BananaSlamJamma is the moniker he uses on YouTube to identify himself.
His YouTube channel has received more than 15 million total views and has 95.4 thousand followers.
Stream highlights, coaching sessions, guidelines, replay analysis, live commentary and casting, as well as the rare blooper video, can all be found on his channel.
His Instagram handle, BananaSlamJamma, is not currently active on the platform.
However, he is also active on other social media sites such as Twitter and Twitch, where he has a large following.

In a nutshell, here’s all you need to know:

BananaSlamJamma [Brian Canavan] is the name of the character.
Birthday is June 2, 1992, age 28 years old, gender is male, and nationality is American.
Profession in the United States
YouTuber and Twitch streamer
Twitter @BananaSlamJamma
Facebook Bananaslamjamma

The Most Important Facts About BananaSlamJamma

BananaSlamJamma may be seen streaming on Twitch, where he has more than 204k followers.
He goes by the handle @BananaSlamJamma on Twitter.
He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.
Brian’s stream is intended to be informative, with a fair dose of memes thrown in for good measure.
He is now a full-time streamer who earns his living from it.
If you have any business inquiries, you may reach out at thebananaslamjamma@gmail.com.

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