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Baby TJ AKA Where We Bout To Eat At Kid Now: Is He Sick? Age Real Name & Parents IG

 Is Baby TJ, a.k.a. Kid From Where We Bout To Eat, dead? Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the rumours.

Baby TJ, also known as the Where We Bout To Eat Kid, has died, according to reports.

With a video in which he questioned his mother “where we bout to eat at,” he went viral. On YouTube, the video has received over 24 million views. He was a well-known public person who had a rare immune deficiency condition.

Where is Baby TJ, a.k.a. Where Are We Going To Eat Now Kid? Is he no longer alive?

According to reports on the internet, Baby TJ, also known as “where we bout to eat at kid,” is no longer alive. Auto-immune Enteropathy is most likely to blame (AIE).

Despite the fact that it has not been officially confirmed, the huge public response lends credence to the storey. It’s a shame to learn this if it’s true. Many content creators expressed their condolences in the comments section of the child’s most recent Instagram post.

TJ was suffering from AIE, a rare immune deficiency illness affecting the intestines. In July of 2015, he was diagnosed with the condition. A GoFundMe page raised more than $51,000.

His deteriorating health necessitated numerous hospitalizations and almost 25 surgery. His mother commented on Instagram on November 4, 2021, about a possible remedy to his muscular loss. She also tweeted a video of him dancing about in his shoulder pads barely five days earlier.

And now, with the terrible news, his mother’s heart must be hurting. Hopefully, his soul rests in peace, and his family finds the fortitude to get through this difficult time. There is currently no information available about the funeral.

Baby TJ’s Real Name And Where We Bout To Eat When We Were Kids

Baby TJ is six years old, according to Instagram.

Antwain Lee Fowler is the true name of the restaurant where we were about to eat.

Kid Parents And IG’s Baby TJ AKA Where We Bout To Eat

Only Christina Burns, Baby TJ’s mother, is known about his parents. Everyone is baffled by his father’s identity.

TuchedByChi is a mobile massage therapist she runs. Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage Sessions, and Foot Massage are just a few of the treatments she offers. She has 43.1 thousand Instagram followers under the handle @ chinablaq.

Christina also keeps an eye on Baby TJ’s Instagram account, @ antwainsworld, which has 534 thousand followers. The account is filled with the child’s memories. Large TJ is a six-year-old with a big personality, according to his bio.

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