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Would suggest to or ing?

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Suggest + -ing form

You can use propose with the -ing form of a verb when you are mentioning an activity but not mentioning the person who will do it because it is apparent from the context: She recommended traveling together for safety because the area was so dangerous.

Is a gerund or an infinitive the word that comes after suggest?

suggest + gerund

Please avoid using an infinitive following the word propose! If you use a verb after suggest, use a gerund! What is a gerund?

Is it possible for the word recommend to be followed by the infinitive?

One of the verbs of counsel that cannot be followed by the more common pattern of object + infinitive is suggest. Instead, suggest must be followed by a that clause with should + infinitive or with verbs in the past, present, or subjunctive form.

I would propose using this phrase in the following manner:

Sentence examples similar to I would suggest that from inspiring English sources
  1. I’d suggest that’s one plausible reason. …
  2. It seems to me that queries are nothing more than that…
  3. “It seems to me that that is relevant.”…
  4. Even the Yankees would never suggest something like that…
  5. I’d say that it was probably about time we touched down on the ground.

Is the word to found after suggested?

3 Answers. It is not common practice to follow the word “suggest” without a preposition and an indirect object. So what you should do is ask, “Would it be possible for you to advise me regarding which…

The proper application of advanced English grammar SUGGEST & RECOMMEND

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Has proposed or had suggested?

No. Nothing of the sort is true. The phrase “has recommended” gives the impression that the suggestion is applicable to the circumstances at hand. Just using the word “proposed” gives the impression that the advice does not apply to the circumstances at hand and is instead a relic of the distant past.

What connotations does the word proposed have for you?

3. to put forth someone’s name as a candidate for a specific function or position, or as a candidate for an prize of any kind. Between the words “suggest” and “for,” a noun or pronoun must be used. I’ve put in a good word for you to be considered for the new managerial post, so be on the lookout for a call from our corporate headquarters any day now to set up an interview.

Would you suggest or do you suggest that I do this?

The word “would” is being used in this sentence to make a suggestion. It’s not even close to having anything to do with if/then statements. It is more of a matter of habit, if you will, but as you point out, it is a courteous way of making a proposal for your own actions, especially in this circumstance, and it is very noncommittal or tentative in nature. That answer is correct.

What are some more words that are similar to suggest?

The words hint, imply, insinuate, and intimate are all popular synonyms for the word suggest.

What exactly does “high time” refer to?

Informal. – Used to suggest that the time has come to do something that ought to have been done a very long time ago. It is past time that we made some adjustments around these parts. It’s about time that you gave your room a good cleaning.

Is it possible to utilize that after the suggestion?

Combine with a that clause.

That clauses can be useful when we want to advise a course of action to another person… If propose has already been used, we can replace it with should in the that clause: Her physician recommended that she cut back on the number of hours she spent at work and increase the amount of physical activity she got.

When should I use suggest and when should I use suggests?

The word “suggest” changes its form when used with the third person singular to become “suggests,” thus your sentence will read “Sally suggests.” You would use the first person singular form of the verb, which is simply “suggest,” if the subject of your phrase was in the first person singular, such as “I.” In this particular illustration, the first word of your phrase would be “I recommend.”

What is the appropriate way to suggest something?

These are some expressions you can use:
  1. • You might wish to give some consideration to…
  2. • Something to think about could be…
  3. • It’s possible that you or we could…
  4. • Perhaps you or we could…
  5. • It might not be a bad idea to…
  6. • That might not be a bad thought to…

Do you have it in your mind to or ING?

Remember & Forget doing or to do? Remember to do, remember doing, forget to do, forget doing: remember and forget are English verbs that can be followed either by a verb ending in -ing (a gerund) or by the infinitive form of the verb. In other words, you can remember to do, recall doing, or forget to do, forget doing.

What is the difference between suggesting and recommending?

A more casual way to express an idea or perspective is through the use of the word suggest. ‘Recommend’ is a more personal word, and it’s the one that’s used when someone is offering advice based on their own personal experience.

Is suggesting a gerund?

In contrast to the other verbs on that list, propose belongs to a category of verbs that can either take a gerund or an independent sentence (I hope I got them all right).

What connotations are associated with the term “just”?

adjective. compassed by the truth, reason, justice, and fairness: We aim to be just in our comprehension of such challenging circumstances. done or made according to principle; equitable; proper: a just reply. based on right; rightful; legitimate: a claim that is just.

What is the English word for “suggest”?

The Correct Way to Propose Something in English
  1. The usage of the modal “should” as a way to make a proposal is by far the most prevalent way to do so…
  2. The use of the word “could” is yet another typical technique for providing a suggestion or proposal…
  3. Examine the distinction between the words “should” and “could” in this sentence.

Which of these prepositions goes with the word suggest?

If it is necessary to place an indirect object following the suggestion, we should use the preposition to or for instead. I’m looking for a decent dentist; can you recommend one to me? (NOT Can you advise me a good dentist?)

What kind of adjective describes the word suggest?

Suggestions for the Noun Group Family suggestiveness (adjective) suggestive suggestible (verb) suggest (adverb) suggestively.

What is a definition that is implied but not explicitly stated?

implīd. Something is considered to be implied if it has been alluded to or indicated, but it has not been directly stated. A situation in which boredom is inferred is one in which a person repeatedly yawns and looks at his watch while you are speaking. This is another example of a situation in which boredom is implied.

Has this been interpreted to mean?

verb. When you make a suggestion, you are putting out a plan or an idea for another person to consider. He hypothesized that there is a connection between the number of students in a class and how well seven-year-olds perform on tests. [VERB noun] I recommend that you ask him some specific questions regarding his past in order to get more information. [

What does suggested imply on messenger?

M Suggestions uses artificial intelligence to understand what is being said in any given Messenger chat in order to make recommendations that pop up during the course of a conversation…. Facebook Messenger now analyzes your chats in order to provide you with suggestions…. M Suggestions does exactly what its name suggests.