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Will toriel kill you?

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Toriel giving the main character a bear hug. Towards the conclusion of the Ruins, Toriel challenges the main character to demonstrate that they are robust enough to make it through the ordeal by engaging in a battle with them. She has the option of being spared or slain; if she is spared, Toriel will let the protagonist depart, but she will warn them not to return.

Can Toriel kill Frisk?

Toriel Kills Frisk – UnderTale – YouTube.

Does Toriel have to die in UnderTale?

In the game Genocide, you only need to kill her. You are not required to murder her if you choose not to do so.

What are the repercussions of taking Toriel’s life?

slay Toriel. receive Flowey’s initial dialogue regarding liking your choice and saying that it’s “not as if you can change it,” travel out into Snowdin, and then end up getting killed there. spare Toriel

Is Toriel a more formidable opponent than Asgore?

In addition to this, Asgore is more powerful than Toriel. The code of the game indicates that Asgore’s ATK is equal to 10. Toriel has a total of 6 ATK. Given how high these ATKs are in comparison to the programmed attacks, there is also the chance that the monster checks are not very true to the monster’s stats. This is because the monster checks use the programmed attacks.

UNDERTALE: The ending that you get when Toriel kills you on the hardest difficulty setting

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Who among the characters from Undertale is considered to be the most powerful?

Asriel, in his god of hyperdeath form, is without a doubt the most powerful character in the game due to the fact that he possesses the functional equivalent of seven souls and is therefore essentially a god. Because he possesses the seven souls, he is able to alter reality and change his shape according to his whims. In addition, he is able to destroy both the world and the barrier.

Is Sans a more powerful Pokémon than Flowey?

Sans will try to break your determination while you fight him much like he did with Flowey, but your tenacity is greater than Flowey’s was. Because of this, Sans has been successful in killing Flowey multiple times, and as a result, Flowey eventually gave up.

Is Chara wicked Undertale?

Chara does not become aware of her surroundings until the conclusion of the Genocide, when she is confronted by Frisk. The conclusion is as follows. This provides undeniable evidence that Chara is not the villain, and instead, Frisk is the one who should be feared. Due to the length of this response, if you do not choose to read it, you are free to disregard it; nonetheless, the following is merely my individual viewpoint.

Does Toriel realize that Flowey is actually Asriel?

We learn from the chat that Flowey had in the Genocide path that when he first woke up as a flower, he called for his parents. This information comes from the Genocide path. He locates Toriel after escaping from New Home and before returning there. In the end, he is forced to start over, but not before Asgore or Toriel had any idea who he was… Frisk: Uh, um… he’s Asriel.

Is Sans nice or bad?

Sans (/sænz/) is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. Once the protagonist leaves the Ruins, he is seen for the first time in the Snowdin Forest. In the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, he performs the role of a supporting character. In the Genocide path, however, he takes on the role of the final boss and the heroic antagonist.

After you decide to spare Toriel, where does she go?

Once the player saves Toriel in the RUINS, she will no longer be found at her house, but don’t worry: she is still around, and you are still on speaking terms with her. She is just all the way back at the entrance, tending the flowers…

What will happen if you refer to Toriel’s mother?

Toriel is taken aback whenever the main character refers to her as “mom,” but she readily gives her blessing to the practice on the condition that it contributes to the characters’ overall happiness. When the protagonist calls Toriel on her phone while they are in the Ruins and flirts with her, Toriel assumes that the protagonist is fooling about with her, and if they do it again, she does not know what to make of it.

Just how many health points does Flowey have?

In the first battle with him, getting struck by his five-bullet spread does 19 damage per bullet, while getting hit by the inevitable ring strike heals the protagonist by the same amount regardless of whether it hits them or not.

When Toriel is killed, what does she utter in her final moments?

Gonna kill you. Do you comprehend that I am merely trying to keep you safe? … you should retire to your room. Do not make any attempt to thwart me. This is the last time you will be warned.

How do you not murder Doggo?

During the Fight
  1. After the protagonist stays still while being attacked by Doggo, his suspicions about Doggo begin to fade, and he is eventually allowed to pet him. When you pet him for the first time, he reacts with excitement and confusion. The protagonist will then have the opportunity to spare him. Petting Doggo several times leads to increased dialogue. …
  2. If the protagonist throws the Stick, they will be able to save Doggo.

How long has sans been a part of Undertale?

Sans: 20-30. It’s not quite clear, but he’s old enough to refer to Frisk as a youngster, which means that he can’t be 18 years old if Frisk is just 13. There is some evidence that he comes from a scientific family, and given the circumstances, he must have had the opportunity to pursue a scientific career. In addition to this, we are aware that he is Papyrus’ older brother.

Does Flowey have any interest in Chara at all?

Flowey is not always capable of observing Chara’s essence when it is contained within Frisk. In point of fact, Flowey spends the vast bulk of the game completely oblivious to Chara. Flowey, for the most part, considers frisk to be nothing more than an intriguing human being who can provide him with entertainment.

What exactly is the “Hyperdeath”?

Hyperdeath. Thus, ASRIEL’s check status during the battle against the True Pacifist reads, “The Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath!” Because “hyper” implies “above” or “greater” or “something similar,” “hyperdeath” refers to a state that is superior to “death.”

In Undertale, do you think I should spare Flowey?

The longer this battle lasts, the more harm you will deal to him with each strike, until finally, he will give up and admit defeat. If you decide to spare him, Flowey will make an appearance later on.

Why is it that sans is so appealing?

Sans is endowed with endearing qualities, such as a perpetual grin and cheerful demeanor, which are picked up by your brain and cause you to experience positive emotions. Even if it’s only unconsciously, the act of looking at something that you think looks like a smile might make you feel better…. Because it possesses a member with magical abilities, Sans can be outfitted in any way that a person desires.

Is Flowey truly a malevolent character?

Flowey possesses a malicious and harsh demeanor, and he criticizes the main character for not adhering to his “murder or be killed” ideology. Despite this, at the end of the Ruins, he blames the protagonist for killing any monsters, regardless of whether they were friendly or hostile.

Why isn’t Chara a bad person?

This is why Chara is not a bad person: Sincerity compels me to state the obvious: they have not taken any action. The worst thing that has been said about them is that they are “not the greatest person.”… Chara does not push Frisk to do ANYTHING, with the possible exception of certain scripted events at the end of the route (I will discuss that later).

If you were to commit genocide, could you spare Flowey?

If you had chosen the Genocide path, you would have been required to kill Flowey. Flowey’s memories will be wiped clean following either a Genocide reset or a True Reset. You are now able to engage in combat with Omega Flowey as a result of this. Kill him after you’ve finished beating him up.

Is Jevil a more powerful fighter than Sans?

But now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get down to the meat of the matter: many people believe that Jevil is a significantly more challenging boss to deliver than Sans… His assaults are powerful, much like Sans’, but entirely coordinated with one another. This leaves the player with very little room to react to the situation. In the same vein as Sans, there is very limited space available for movement.

Does sans beat Omega Flowey?

“flowey was said in a kind of neutral route that he was beaten by sans” pretty sure he wasn’t talk about his omega form.