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Will exo leave sm?

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At the time of this publication, EXO is not planning to leave SM Entertainment and, in fact, is obligated to complete assignments.

How long is the contract for EXO SM?

Despite the fact that the contracts of the EXO members do not expire until 2022, Radio Star MC and Mystic Entertainment CEO Yoon Jong Shin encouraged Chen to begin arranging for a…

Will there be a split in EXO?

Lovelyz, who made their debut in November 2014, will be renegotiating their contracts and determining whether or not to continue performing until November 2021. EXO will not, in the strict sense, disband. They are simply going to take a break.

Is Baekhyun leaving EXO?

Fans are taken aback by EXO member Baekhyun’s unexpected decision to enlist in the military. Baekhyun of EXO has announced that he will be leaving his Korean boy band in order to serve in the military. Just a short time after the release of Baekhyun’s first solo album, Bambi, on March 30, the Candy singer has announced that he will be joining in the military beginning in April.

Is EXO or BTS better?

From a visual standpoint, BTS does have some attractive members, such as Jin, Jungkook, and V, but when compared to the members of EXO, BTS doesn’t quite measure up to the beauty standard set by K-Pop. … Vocals While EXO has some honey-like soft vocals, BTS has more of a breathy tone, which comforts you, thus I believe you could say that both of them are equally good in this criterion.

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Is it true that Chanyeol is quitting SM?

The shocked fans After such a lengthy trip together, the fans have said that they are ready to get back to their regular lives and welcome a superstar back into their midst. The supporters went on to remark, “Since the subject of Chanyeol’s personal life has been lifted, SM Entertainment has made a foolish bearing declaring that they have ‘no official opinion.'”

Is it true that Lay is still a part of EXO 2020?

After Lay’s announcement in June that he would not participate in the band’s upcoming album and would instead focus on his acting career, he has not been seen or heard from in any public appearances or albums released by Exo since that time.

Will Blackpink go their separate ways?

The members of BLACKPINK are not going their own ways, which is excellent news for all of the Blinks who have been wondering about the group’s plans for this year.

Is it true that Blackpink will breakup in the year 2023?

Blackpink is presently one of the most successful bands in Korea, and the year 2016 marked the beginning of the group’s career; hence, their contract will be up for renewal in the year 2023.

In the year 2020, do members of Blackpink live together?

However, as of May 2020, Lisa confirmed that these performers still live together, saying that it has been approximately 10 years since they first started living together. Some sources report that each member is now worth approximately million, so it is possible that they could live independently.

Is Blackpink an impolite group?

The comment that has received the most upvotes explains that they are all rude in the sense that they excel in their various talents and skills. However, the fans have explained that BLACKPINK is the group that is the “rudest” because they already have everything from their looks to their talents and skills.

Is there a member of EXO that is currently in a relationship?

Fans have tried to dig into Xiumin’s background but have come up with nothing. But, he has revealed that the type of person he would like to have as a spouse is someone who is charming like Lee Bo Young.

Why isn’t EXO more well-known?

Although both BTS and EXO are considered to be K-pop groups, their musical styles couldn’t be more different. This is not to say that the members of EXO don’t write music; however, they have less freedom under SM Entertainment.

Who among the EXO members is fluent in English?

It’s possible that I’m wrong, but at this point in time, I believe that Lay is the finest English speaker in EXO, followed by Suho, and then potentially Chanyeol and Baekhyun. I’m still very new to EXO, so please bear with me.

What exactly is the matter with Park Chanyeol?

Chanyeol, a member of the K-pop group Exo, was accused of cheating on a woman who claimed to have been his girlfriend for three years in October 2020. SM entertainment has since filed a lawsuit against online users who made the allegations against Chanyeol.

Who has a bigger bank account, BTS or EXO?

It has been reported that BTS has a net worth of around 450 million dollars, which is significantly higher than EXO’s 1 billion dollar valuation.

Who reigns supreme over the kpop industry?

Jimin, a member of BTS, has been dubbed “King of Kpop” for the past two years running thanks to his victory in the poll run by AllKPOP. He collected a staggering total of 12,568,794 votes and was declared the winner.

Who is Chanyeol’s romantic interest?

His friends will make sure he never forgets that Dara is the object of his intense affection and that he is nervous around her.

Who among the exo members has the most wealth?

  • Which among the members of EXO has the most money?…
  • It is estimated that the entire group is worth one billion dollars, and their contribution to SM Entertainment’s overall valuation is significant….
  • On Radio Star, Suho pretty much established without a reasonable doubt that Baekyun was the wealthiest member of EXO…
  • It is estimated that Baekhyun’s net worth is million.

Who in exo has tied the knot?

In a letter to fans in January, Chen, whose given name is Kim Jong-dae, shared the news that he was engaged to be married.

What do you call people that dislike BTS?

They are typically referred to as Antis, Anti-Army, Haters, and other such names.

Who in BTS is the most unpleasant member?

According to the results of a fan vote, Yoongi is regarded as the rudest member of BTS and is included in the category of Who Is The Rudest Member Of BTS. Every K-pop fan is aware of which member of BTS is their personal favorite, but do you know Who Is The Rudest Member Of BTS?