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Why Questions “Is Nikkie Tutorials A Man” Is Trending On Twitter


Why is “Is Nikkie Tutorials a Man” a popular topic on Twitter? Learn more about this well-known transgender woman.

Nikkie Tutorials is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty blogger best known for her YouTube channel “NikkiTutorials.”

In 2015, her viral YouTube video “The Power of Makeup” catapulted her into the limelight, motivating many others to flaunt their faces, both with and without makeup.

Nikkie has won a lot of honours, which is unusual.

Forbes has named the Youtuber one of the top ten beauty influencers in 2017.

At the 9th Annual Shorty Awards, she was also selected a winner in the category of YouTube Guru (2017).

In addition, he was voted the 2017 Teen Choice Award winner for Choice Web Star: Fashion/Beauty.

He’s also been nominated for the E! People’s Choice Awards (2018) and WOWIE Awards for Outstanding Twitter and Outstanding YouTube (2020).

On Twitter, why are questions like “Is Nikkie Tutorials A Man” trending?

On January 13, 2020, De Jager uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled “I Am Coming Out.”

She revealed that she was transgender and that she had been threatened with having her assigned sex at birth made public.

She went through her change during her youth and adolescence.

The YouTuber is engaged; her fiance, Dylan, proposed to her when the two were on vacation in Italy in August 2019.

Is Nikkie Tutorials a Boy or a Girl?

Nikkie Tutorials used to be a man, but she has now changed her gender.

Her birthday is March 2nd, and she was born in Wageningen, Netherlands.

When she was six years old, she began growing her hair long and dressing herself as a girl. When she was fourteen years old, she started taking hormones and growth hormones.

By the age of nineteen, the Youtuber had completely transformed into a woman. She then went to B Academy, a professional hair and cosmetics school in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

She went on to the WE-R Agency’s hair school and finished a course there.

Parents And Siblings Nikkie Tutorials

Saskia Spee is Nikkie Tutorials’ mother when it comes to her parents.

She is the owner of the Dutch cosmetics company Het Cosmeticahuis. Emile de Jager is her brother.

Saskia, Nikkie’s mother, married Jeroen Spee in 2010, and the couple had two children from a previous relationship: Ravi Spee and Mikai Spee (who died in 2018 due to lymphatic cancer).

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