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Why is my whoop not catching up?

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The WHOOP Strap is able to hold up to 3 days of data. … If you are experiencing anything longer than this, please try rebooting the Strap by opening the menu in the WHOOP app and navigating to “Strap Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Strap.” No data will be lost when rebooting the Strap.

How long does it take whoop to collect data?

The WHOOP Strap is able to hold up to three days of data, so if you experience a delay in syncing to your phone, your data will sync from oldest to newest once you are reconnected. WHOOP takes 4 days to calibrate to your body. You will receive your first Recovery score after 4 days.

How long does it take for whoop to update?

A firmware update may take up to 10 minutes to complete. During this time, please ensure that the Strap is always close (within 10 feet) of your mobile phone. We recommend ensuring the WHOOP Strap has at least 20% battery life before starting a firmware update.

Does whoop collect data when dead?

If your Strap’s battery has died, it will not collect data.

Can the whoop get wet?

Unfortunately, the Whoop battery is not waterproof and should never be exposed to water. If the Whoop strap is wet, avoid charging it until the strap is dry.

Troubleshooting Connectivity in the WHOOP iOS App

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Does whoop 4.0 come with charger?

Smarter Waterproof Battery Pack

Also smaller than its predecessor, the 4.0 battery pack eliminates the worry of mistakenly taking your wireless charger in the shower. … The WHOOP 4.0 comes with a waterproof wireless charger.

How can I speed up Whoop Up?

For example, syncing a full day (24 hours) of data may take up to 1 hour. If you are experiencing anything longer than this, please try rebooting the Strap by opening the menu in the WHOOP app and navigating to “Strap Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot Strap.” No data will be lost when rebooting the Strap.

Why is my sleep pending on Whoop?

An activity will be marked as pending if the activity’s relevant data hasn’t been fully synced, or if WHOOP is still calculating the Strain score for the activity.

How do I sync whoop?

Open WHOOP App menu and navigate to: Strap Status > Pair with a WHOOP Strap. NOTE: Allow permission for WHOOP to use your current location. Select Connect. Your device should now be paired.

Do you shower with WHOOP?

If you wear your WHOOP Strap in the shower: Take off the Strap and wash the band and sensor with soap/water. … Maintain a clean sensor by cleaning the underbelly of the sensor regularly (ex: 2-3 times a week) with either soap or sanitizing wipes. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with water.

Does WHOOP track blood pressure?

These include routinely measured factors (such as heart rate, step counts, and even blood pressure), but they are also measuring parameters and providing assessments of factors we do not routinely use in clinical practice, such as heart rate variability (HRV), “sleep quality,” and recovery/readiness indices.

Does WHOOP have an alarm?

The WHOOP 4.0 features a silent smart alarm to wake you up at the optimal time with gentle vibrations.

What does whoop do with your data?

WHOOP Uses Only Aggregated or De-identified Wellness Data to Better Understand Human Performance. Our members provide us with an unprecedented amount of accurate physiological data that is collected by their WHOOP strap. … We are committed to making WHOOP the best tool to monitor and understand the body.

How long does whoop take to process sleep?

You may see the Sleep Detected entry with a clock icon instead of the Process Now button. This indicates that the data sync between your Strap and your phone is behind by more than 1 hour. NOTE: To ensure your data catches up and your Sleep can be processed, keep your Strap connected and within range of your phone.

How do I keep my whoop app from running?

With the 3.0, it is best to always keep the app running in the background. By “swiping up” on the app to terminate it, you are indicating to the operating system that you, as the user, no longer wish the app to continue running.

How do you manually add a nap to WHOOP?

If you performed an activity or sleep in the past and would like to add it to WHOOP if it was not automatically detected, select the “Add Activity” icon from the right-hand side of the overview screen in the WHOOP app. You can then choose your activity or sleep and its duration.

Does WHOOP detect when I sleep?

WHOOP automatically detects how much time you spent in bed in addition to how much sleep you got so you can see how well you slept.

Does WHOOP count for naps?

Sleep Auto-Detection will detect periods of Sleep that are between 24 minutes and 14 hours in duration (includes long Naps), regardless of when they occur. If your Nap is too short for Sleep Auto-Detection, use the Add Activity menu option to manually add it.

How do I contact WHOOP?


If you have any questions regarding the Services, please contact WHOOP via e-mail at [email protected] or call (844) 490-1593.

Does WHOOP work without phone?

The Whoop 3.0 Strap is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms that meet it’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) requirements. This means it requires phones that have Bluetooth Low Energy version 4.2 with Data Length Extension enabled or higher.

How can I tell if WHOOP is charging?

A red light on the battery pack indicates that it’s charging. The light will change from red to green when the battery pack is fully charged (about 60-90 minutes).

Is Whoop an ANT+?

At the current time, the WHOOP 3.0 & 4.0 do not broadcast an ANT+ compatible signal and will not be able to pair with these devices.

Does whoop tell you calories burned?

WHOOP recently released an algorithm update that impacts user calorie burn estimation. This update impacts the time periods where your Heart Rate (HR) is between 30-40% of your HR reserve (the range between your resting HR and your max HR).

Will whoop ever tell time?

Thanks to the advanced sleep monitoring technology in WHOOP, the device can not only measure how much time I spend in bed, but also how much time it takes me to fall asleep (sleep latency), how long I sleep, and what stage of sleep I’m in.