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Why is aceable charging me $5 a month?

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Your Aceable driving course membership subscription and 24/7 roadside assistance will both be charged on the credit card that you used to make the original purchase. A charge in the amount of will appear on your card account for Aceable 24/7 Roadside. You have the option to make any necessary changes or cancellations to your payment information right here.

Does aceable require a monthly subscription fee?

There is a fraud being perpetrated by Aceable in order to obtain a recurring payment of for “Roadside Help.” When I registered for a driving education class, I was also enrolled in Roadside Assistance, despite the fact that I did not want to take advantage of this service.

Does aceable have hidden fees?

There are no additional costs on top of what you pay Aceable for their services. What exactly is included in the cost? But, in order to obtain a senior license, you will need to take our 30-hour drivers education course in addition to the 6-hour behind-the-wheel training course that we offer.

How can I have my drivers education membership canceled?

What is your policy regarding the cancellation of orders?
  1. Sending a text message to the number 1-888-289-2816 is the best way to get the quickest service….
  2. You can also contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling us at 1-888-289-2816.
  3. Do you want to be in charge of managing your own subscription?

How much does it cost to use aceable?

One of the most cost-effective choices available in the Golden State is enrollment in the Best Online Traffic School program. Our training is offered at a low cost of only .99, and payment is required only after successful completion. The enrollment fee for Aceable Traffic School is , which must be paid in full before you can begin the course.

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Does Aceable provide you a license?

If you are successful on the driving test, the driving school will hand your test results to you in an envelope that has been sealed. After this, take your results from the driving test, your permit, your certificate from Aceable Adult Drivers Ed, and your certificate from Impact Texas Drivers to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) so that you can acquire your driver’s license!

If I have a permit, am I allowed to drive by myself?

You won’t be able to drive by yourself if you have a permit, but getting one is the first step toward getting a driver’s license, which is the only thing that stands between you and the freedom to drive by yourself — provided, of course, that you adhere to all of the relevant rules and regulations.

Is it safe to use DriversEd.com?

The online driver’s education program offered by DriversEd.com is among the oldest and most reputable of those that are now offered… Hence, if you don’t know who will be teaching you how to drive behind the wheel, DriversEd.com may be a fantastic alternative for you because they offer both online drivers ed classes as well as instruction behind the wheel. In addition, they offer all of these services simultaneously.

How much does it cost to take driver’s education?

The average cost of attending driving school is subject to a wide range of fluctuations, both within and between states and localities, and is also influenced by the price of fuel. Classroom instruction for drivers typically costs between and 0 per student. The cost of each actual road training session is between and 0. The majority of driving schools provide an all-inclusive package with prices ranging from 0 to 0.

What steps do I need to take to receive a refund from DriversEd.com?

Please call us at the following toll-free number to make a request for a refund: 877-877-2525.

Does Aceable expire?

Your course will always be available to you, and so will the certificate that you will obtain from Aceable.

How exactly do I get in touch with Aceable?

You can obtain a printed copy of this CONTRACT, which includes all of these policies and schedules, by contacting ACEABLE at the following number: (512) 920-2236.

What does Aceable cover in terms of roadside assistance?

Complete family coverage includes services such as changing flat tires and batteries, towing, fuel delivery, and unlocking doors. Because to our cooperation with Allstate, we are able to offer you and your family all of the essential services of roadside assistance that you require to remain safe.

What are the advantages of taking a driver’s education course?

There are seven advantages to taking driver’s education classes.
  1. Confidence.
  2. Personal Responsibility. …
  3. Defensive Driving Techniques. …
  4. Greater Awareness of Drugs and Alcohol. …
  5. Rules of the Road. …
  6. Mechanical Knowledge. …
  7. Lower Insurance Premiums. …

How much time is required to finish the driver’s education course?

Details On Driver’s Education Programs in California

In the state of California, the minimum amount of time spent in driver’s education classes is thirty hours. The good thing is that you can always go at your own pace with DriversEd.com, and you may log in and out whenever it’s convenient for you to do so. Consider how quickly an hour is going to pass if you only work on it for 20 minutes here and there.

What are the benefits of completing driver’s education?

What exactly is the goal of attending one of these driving schools? The primary goals of these driving schools are to provide students with a foundational understanding of practical driving and to get them ready for the driver licensing exam that they will need to pass in order to get their driver’s license. In-car instruction and sessions of interaction between the driver and teacher are typically a part of these events.

Is it possible to take a driver’s education class online?

Online driver’s education courses, in contrast to those taught in a traditional classroom setting, provide students the flexibility to study, learn, and complete the course at their own pace. It makes no difference where in the country you obtained your ticket or what kind of agenda you have.

How many hours of practice behind the wheel are required before you can get your permit?

The requirements for driving under supervision in California

When you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to apply for your provisional license, your parent or legal guardian will need to sign a document stating that you have completed at least 50 hours of driving practice, including at least 10 hours of driving at night. This requirement is in place to ensure that you have the necessary experience behind the wheel.

Is it possible to take driver’s education on a mobile device?

Our Driver’s Ed app now officially allows you to complete your driver’s education requirements. No more boring lectures or field trips for the students… Our user-friendly Drivers Ed software can assist you in passing your driving exam with ease, whether your goal is to obtain your driver’s license, dismiss a traffic citation, or reduce the amount you pay for car insurance.

At the age of 16, may I drive by myself?

Even if you are allowed to drive by yourself once you reach the age of 16, you are required to hold a provisional driver’s license for at least the previous six months. You should verify this information with your state, however most provisional licenses come with restrictions such not being able to have any passengers in the car who are less than 20 years old for the first year you have the license.

How long is the validity period for a permit?

When will my permit for beginning drivers expire? Each state has its own maximum allowed driving age. In the majority of states, LPs have a validity period of two years. Yet, the sentence can be as long as five years in some other states.

Is Aceable or drivers ed better?

Update: Aceable has once again been ranked as the most highly recommended online driver’s education course in the state of California. Aceable will deliver the greatest mobile experience of any other course in California if you intend to complete your driver’s education coursework using a mobile device like as your phone. This is because Aceable was designed specifically with mobile users in mind.

How much time does it take to receive your permit when you use Aceable?

After completing the first six hours of the course, you will be able to take the actual written permit test directly within the app, eliminating the need to travel to a DPS location. If you have successfully completed the exam, we will send you a certificate through email within three business days.

What are the steps to getting my Aceable permit?

After satisfying all of the requirements listed below, you will be eligible to receive your permit:
  1. At the very least, you are 15 years old.
  2. You have an eligible parent instructor.
  3. You have placed an order with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for the PTDE packet, and you have received it.

If you run out of gas, who can bring it to you?

Calling a local tow truck to transport your vehicle to the closest petrol station is something you should do if you do not have any available friends or family in the region or if there is not a roadside emergency help program that is available round-the-clock.