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Why does the intruder choose gerrard as the man?

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The intruder chooses Gerrard as the man whose identity he wanted to take on because he is of the same build as Gerrard. He is a murderer. As Vincent Charles Gerrard, he will be free to go places and do nothing. He can eat well and sleep without having to be ready to run away at the sight of a cop.

Why does the intruder intend to kill Gerrard?

The Intruder is a criminal who is being chased by the police for having murdered a cop. As per his plan, the Intruder intends to kill Gerrard in order to take on his identity and escape capture by the police. In this way, he can lead a peaceful life without living in constant fear of arrest and punishment.

What does the intruder know about Gerrard?

The intruder had studied Gerrard carefully and knew every detail about him. He knew that Gerrard did not have many people who visited him often and that he used to stay away from his home at intervals. He was always aware that Gerrard owned a car.

Who is the intruder and what kind of man is he why does he enter gerrad’s house?

Answer: Intruder is a killer. He enters Gerrard’s house to kill Gerrard and to become Gerrard . His main job is robbering jewellerys.

What is the difference between Gerrard and intruder?

In the chapter ‘If I were you’, Gerrard was an intelligent and witty person whereas the Intruder was gullible. Even though the intruder came to steal his identity, through his presence of mind, Gerrard was able to trap the intruder by locking him into the cupboard.

What does the intruder choose Gerrard as the man whose identity he wants to take on ?

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Who was intruder in if I were you?

Intruder is the main culprit of the story who tries to steal the identity of Gerrard, who is smart and a clever minded person. Gerrard was an intelligent man who trapped the intruder and got him arrested by the police. Intruder was a murderer and he also used to rob things.

What kind of person is Gerrard?

He was an intelligent person with a good sense of humour. He knew how to handle an adverse situation. He had a lot of patience too. one day an intruder entered his Cottage.

How does Gerrard outsmart the intruder?

Answer: Gerrard outwits the intruder by confessing that he himself is also an intruder and is expecting the police soon. He made up a story that his accomplice is already caught and any time he will be arrested too. The intruder gets scared by hearing this and started to run.

Which grave step was intruder about to take who convinced him to change his mind?

Answer: The grave step that the intruder was about to take was to murder Gerrard. The question has been asked from the story If I were you. The intruder wanted to be chased by the police.

What crime has the intruder committed?

He wants to kill Gerrard and live on his identity. The intruder has committed a murder and is wants by the police. So, he considers stealing Gerrard’s identity so that he can live peacefully. He wants to know details about Gerrard before killing him so that he can imitate him well.

How did Gerrard prove that he was smarter than the cunning intruder?

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Gerard showed presence of mind and outsmarted the intruder. If in place of showing presence of mind, he would have panicked, he would have been killed. But presence of mind kept Gerard calm and gave him a clever plan of locking the intruder up in a cupboard.

Why has the intruder been hunted long enough?

The speaker has been hunted long enough because he had killed a cop when something went wrong with the job that he did in the town. It has been quite a while since then and he is still dodging the police. 3. … The intruder has already murdered a cop for which he is sure to get a death sentence.

Why does the intruder say they can’t hang me twice?

(i) The intruder said the given line. (ii) The intruder had been telling Gerrard that he had murdered one man, and that he would not shy away from murdering him too. This is because the police could not hang him twice for two murders.

How did Gerrard outwit the intruder and save himself in 100 words?

He tries to make believe the intruder to run away from the place with him. At the right time, he locks the intruder in a cupboard and takes possession of his firearm. In this way, Gerrard outwits the intruder and saves himself.

Why did he say so * 1 point as he wanted to kill him as he wanted to live like Gerrard after gaining information as he was in great pain?

He wanted to kill Gerrard and live on his identity. The intruder had committed a murder and was wanted by the police. So, he thought of stealing Gerrard’s identity so that he could live peacefully. He wanted to know details about Gerrard before killing him so that he could imitate him well.

How did Gerrard convince the intruder that he was not lying?

Question 14 : How did Gerrard convince the intruder that he was not lying? Answer : Gerrard made up the story of his being a criminal and told the intruder that he was expecting a trouble that night. He showed the intruder the props. Also, his bag was packed which further added to his conviction.

Who convinced intruder change his mind?

Gerrard played smart and convinced him to change his mind. He made the intruder believe him and set a trap for him.

Which grave step is being referred to?

Answer: The grave step the Intruder was about to take was to murder Gerrard. … He had committed a murder. The police was after him. He planned to kill Gerrard and take on his identity as Vincent Charles Gerrard.

How did the intruder prepare himself to take up the identity of Gerrard?

In order to prepare himself to take up the identity of Gerrard the intruder forced him to talk about himself. He kept a watch on Gerrard for three months. He became familiar with the way he walked and talked. He got information about his neighbors and friends and the places he visited.

What were the qualities of Gerrard?

Ans.: The words that describe Gerrard are cool, confident, witty, nonchalant, humorous and clever. While the Intruder could be described by the words like flashy and smart. Gerrard is a cool and confident playwright.

What is the message of the story if I were you?

If I Were You Message

One should never consider oneself to be smarter than the opponent. … The play also conveys the message that intelligence, presence of mind, and keeping a cool head can help us overcome the gravest of problems that we may encounter.

What is the summary of if I were you?

Summary of If I Were You

This play by Douglas James is an account of how Gerrard escapes a killer through his sheer cleverness. In this play, we see Gerrard is ready to leave for a rehearsal when he encounters an intruder. Thus, upon finding himself in a fix, Gerrard manages to convince the intruder to not kill him.

What was the Speciality of intruder?

What did the intruder tell Gerrard about his speciality? Ans. ‘Hie intrudes told Gerrard that his specialty was jewel robbery.

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Why was police looking for the intruder?

Q7- What was the intruder carrying in his hand? Q8- Why was the police looking for the intruder? D) Because he ran from the jail. Q9- Why did the intruder want to know everything about Gerrard before killing him?