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Why does aunt georgiana cry during the concert?

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Why is Aunt Georgiana so upset while she is watching the concert? because she is conscious of the significance that music holds for her. … because she is aware that he has been able to take use of the cultural opportunities available in Boston while she has had to give up her former life in order to live in Nebraska; he empathizes with her because she was the one who instilled in him a love of music.

What sort of reaction does Aunt Georgiana have when the concert is over?

Her responses to the music during the rest of the concert included crying, smiling, and feeling quite happy. In the very end, Aunt Georgiana shared with Clark that she was dreading their departure. … The emotions that Aunt Georgiana is experiencing include delight because music is back in her life, as well as sorrow because of the music that she had to give up.

What is upsetting Aunt Georgiana so much that she starts crying during the Prize Song?

(1913). his own childhood, the majority of which was spent working with Georgiana on her farm. Georgiana’s weeping reaction to Wagner’s music is suggestive of a nostalgia for her previous life in the city, which was maybe more fulfilling.

What kind of feelings does Clark have for his aunt Georgiana?

Clark is quite enthusiastic about the chance since he is confident that his aunt will enjoy participating in it. Nonetheless, despite the fact that he is ultimately right, he admits to feeling “trepidation” about taking his aunt to the event. Clark is concerned that his aunt, who always dresses in drab attire, will feel very out of place at this event because of the higher social status of the attendees.

What purpose does Clark’s aunt serve in accompanying him to the concert?

Because she helped him grow up and was the one who first got him interested in music, he adores his aunt. Clark makes the decision to take his aunt to a Wagner concert as a gift because it is likely that she has not been exposed to this style of music since the time that she relocated to Nebraska. … The reader is given the impression that he or she is attending the concert in the same seats as the aunt and nephew.

Lost Track of His Tears

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Why did your Aunt Georgiana decide to stop playing music?

In the very end, Aunt Georgiana shared with Clark that she was dreading their departure. After having another taste of the world of music, the person did not want to go back to the world of cattle, maize, and snakes. … Because she was getting married and going to Nebraska, Aunt Georgiana decided to forgo pursuing a career in music.

Why did young Clark go in with his aunt Georgiana when he is an adult?

Why did Clark’s Aunt Georgiana assist him in such a significant manner when he was a small boy? She had always wished for him to leave Nebraska and achieve great things in life. … -Aunt Georgiana has no choice but to spend the remainder of her life in Nebraska, where she must tend to both her family and her farm.

Who is this aunt Georgiana, and what kind of person is she?

Aunt Georgiana is a woman who has cheated herself out of those wonderful things that have nourished her soul; as a result, she looks worn out and older than her years. In addition to this, there is the aloofness that comes with being alone for extended periods of time.

Where do we find ourselves in the point of view of the Wagner Matinee?

This narrative is told from the first-person point of view, and the narrator has a limited scope of knowledge throughout.

What can we infer about Aunt Georgiana from the fact that she is so enthused about the impending performance?

What can we learn about Aunt Georgiana’s personality from the fact that she is so excited about the impending performance? A.) It reveals that her passion for music is beginning to come back to life. Her ordeal has not rendered her entirely numb on a spiritual level.

Why does Clark believe that he has a financial obligation to his aunt?

The fact that the narrator’s Aunt Georgiana is the one who introduced him to music makes him feel indebted to her. As a result, when he finds out that she will soon be in Boston, he makes it a point to treat her to a musical performance. But, Clark is fairly taken aback by the fact that she does not initially react, and that she then begins to cry.

What does Aunt Georgiana do whenever she hears the violins being played?

One of the first indications that Clark’s concerns are unfounded is provided by Georgiana’s reaction to the first piece on the program, which is the “Pilgrim’s Chorus” from Tannhauser. As the horns begin playing, Georgiana can be seen clutching the arm of her nephew, as though she is overcome by a powerful emotion.

Who was the young man whom Aunt Georgiana met while she was on vacation when she was younger?

Aunt Georgiana, who appears in the short novel “A Wagner Matinee” by Willa Cather, worked as a music instructor at the illustrious Boston Conservatory at one point in her life. Nevertheless, during a visit to the Green Mountains one summer, she struck up a conversation with Howard Carpenter. Since Howard was just twenty-one years old and Georgiana was already thirty, the age gap between them was around nine years.

What business does Aunt Georgiana have in Boston anyway?

Uncle Howard writes in the letter that one of Aunt Georgina’s relatives, a bachelor, has passed away and left Aunt Georgina “a small legacy.” And so, in order for Aunt Georgina to collect whatever it is that her relative left her, she must come to Boston to attend the “settling of the estate,” as Uncle Howard puts it.

Which of the following is not a significant theme that is explored in A Wagner Matinee?

Throughout Cather’s writing, the author explores a number of topics, some of which include adversity, loss, and melancholy. From the minute that Georgiana walks off the train and reveals her worn appearance until the moment that she begs not to leave the symphony and return to her difficult life, adversity is intertwined throughout the short story.

When Clark receives the letter from his uncle, how does he react to it?

When Clark gets a letter from his uncle Howard notifying him that his aunt Georgiana will be in Boston to settle some estate concerns, he is completely taken aback by the information. At first, he is a little bothered by the fact that his uncle waited until the late hour that is often typical for him to inform him about his aunt’s impending visit.

In a Wagner Matinee, there are two different settings. What are they?

Place and time are the two components that make up a story’s setting. The majority of the action of ‘A Wagner Matinee’ takes place in Boston, Massachusetts; however, the narrator does have a…

At the conclusion of a Wagner Matinee, what kind of insight does Clark have?

In your own words, please summarize what you believe Clark “understands” by the time the story has come to a close. He is aware that his Aunt Georgiana made a horrible choice when she eloped with her lover and moved to Nebraska with him. As a result, she is now trapped in a rural country life that she does not want and is unable to pursue her passion of classical music.

How would you describe the atmosphere of a Wagner Matinee?

The tenor is reflective and moving, and the atmosphere is passionate.

What kind of work did your great-aunt Georgiana do?

The main character of the tale, Georgiana, is Clark’s aunt and also happens to be Howard’s wife. She had a successful career as a music instructor at the Boston Conservatory in the 1860s, and it appeared that she had a bright professional future ahead of her. Instead, she ran away with Howard, who was destitute at the time, and they began a new life as homesteaders on the prairie in Red Willow County, Nebraska.

Why is it important to pay attention to the specifics of Aunt Georgiana’s physical description?

What may be inferred about Aunt Georgiana from the narrative by focusing on the details of her physical appearance? She has a deformed physique, and her skin has been stained yellow by the pitiless wind and the alkaline water, both of which are indicators of the struggles that she has through. The solitude and routine of the prairie have caused her mouth and eyebrows to twitch in response to the environment.

Who are the most important people involved in the Wagner Matinee?

  • The narrator of the story, Clark, refers to himself in the past as “a gangling farmer-boy” who suffered from “chilblains.”
  • Clark’s aunt Georgiana Carpenter is referred to here.
  • Clark’s uncle Howard Carpenter is referred to here.
  • Mrs. Springer, narrator’s landlady.

Why was Clark’s aunt so emotional during the opera?

Why was Clark’s aunt so emotional during the opera? She had a very negative opinion of the performance. She had the feeling that she had let down her very own opera company. When she got back to her house, she knew she would have no choice but to give up listening to such music.

When Clark was a little boy, Aunt Georgiana taught him a variety of things, including the following:

Latin, Literature (particularly Shakespeare and mythology), and Music were all things that Clark’s Aunt Georgina instructed him in when he was a little lad.

What did aunt Georgiana sacrifice?

As far as we are aware, the only thing we know about Clark, the narrator of this story about the enduring beauty of music and the sacrifices that Aunt Georgiana made by moving west and homesteading for such a long period of time, is that he lived with his Aunt and Uncle in Nebraska for a period of time when he was a child. This is all we know about him.