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Why did the flayed eat chemicals?

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The Flayed were compelled to drink pool and cleaning chemicals in order to assist their bodies in producing the chemical reaction that would ultimately turn them into gloop that would be absorbed by the… Just like the rats who were infected by the small amount of the Mind Flayer that was left behind in this dimension when it was exorcised from Will during the previous season, the Flayed were compelled to drink these substances because they were infected by the same Mind Flayer fragment that was left behind in this dimension

Why would those who had been flayed consume fertilizer?

The most “logical” explanation for why the rats and humans started chowing down on fertilizer, cleaning solutions, laundry detergent, and diesel fuel is that the Mind Flayer wanted their bodies to liquefy more quickly and transform them into what the children refer to as the Flayed.

Why did the rats in “Stranger Things” blow themselves up?

As we find out early on in the season, the rats of Hawkins have taken to eating fertilizer and other toxic chemicals, which (spoiler alert) causes them to explode into blobs of goo capable of fusing with other blobs to create the enormous, slimy embodiment of the Mind Flayer that terrorizes our heroes. This information is provided to us early on in the season.

Why was Mrs. Driscoll consuming fertilizer in the first place?

In order to get an answer to her question about why the rats in her cellar were eating her fertilizer, Mrs. Driscoll took the initiative to call The Hawkins Post and report the potentially ill animals. In spite of her notion that rats with rabies carried the disease, she shown sufficient bravery and expertise to catch an infected rat.

Why did El lose her powers?

Eleven was able to remove a portion of the Mind Flayer from her body in the eighth episode of the third season of Stranger Things, which was titled “The Battle at Starcourt Mall.” However, as a result of this action, she was unable to retain her superpowers.

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Does El lose her power?

After a harrowing encounter with The Mind Flayer that leaves Eleven injured, her powers are finally destroyed at the conclusion of the third season of Stranger Things. El still possesses her talents when the gang gets to the Starcourt Mall, and she uses them to throw a car at the Russians who are looking for Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica. The Russians are hunting for Steve, Robin, and Dustin.

What exactly happened to 11’s mother?

Dr. Brenner had her restrained on a table and then subjected her to what appeared to be electroconvulsive therapy. Terry’s brain was fried by the shocks, and she was left in a state similar to vegetative state; she was alive, but her mind was ruined, and she was seeing the events over and over again in her head.

What did Mrs. Driscoll have in her mouth?

In response to Driscoll’s question regarding rats consuming fertilizer: As a result of her investigation into the matter, she finds that many farms are short on fertilizer. There are rumors going around that the fertilizer is being used to construct some kind of monstrous device.

How exactly do you get the better of Mrs. Driscoll?

Driscoll. This boss is fairly easy and the trick is to turn on the lights as she is invulnerable at the dark. It is important to maintain command of the struggle by preventing an accumulation of rats. Take them out as soon as they appear.

How many years old is Miss Wheeler in the Stranger Things universe?

The role of Nancy Wheeler, a senior in high school, is played by Natalia Dyer, who is 23 years old. Since Nancy is about to begin her senior year of high school, this indicates that she is somewhere between the ages of 17 and 18; this makes Nancy around five years younger than the actress is in real life.

Does the Mind Flayer contain any rats in its construction?

Even though it is only meant to be composed of rats at this point, the frighteningly large size of this updated and highly gooey Mind Flayer belies its purported composition. The humans it begins to absorb in Episode 4 merely help it expand to the size of, well, the Starcourt Mall.

Can rats explode?

A rat might only carry a trace amount of explosive material, but if it were to enter a highly pressurized steam boiler, it could set off a catastrophic explosion.

What causes the rats to blow themselves up?

It has come to our attention that the rats have been gorging themselves on these poisonous commodities; yet, it does not appear to be immediately lethal to them. Instead, their banquet of harmful ingredients produces a reaction that finally leads to them exploding into sentient blobs of goo.

Will he receive a flaying?

The Mind Flayer possessed a wide variety of individuals from Hawkins, including men, women, and children, as well as swarms of rats and other animals. These individuals became known as the Flayed. The first person to be Flayed was Will Byers, in 1984, when visions brought him back to the Upside Down to finally become possessed by the Mind Flayer.

What are the Russians hoping to accomplish by opening the gate?

What are the Russians hoping to accomplish by reopening the gate? Because they are Evil RussiansTM who, just like The Corporation in Alien, are likely looking for a horrific nightmare monster to employ as a weapon against their adversaries and want to do it for the same reason.

What happens to Nancy and Jonathan when they get flayed?

They try to get assistance by hiding in a room, but the clerk is too preoccupied with chitchat to answer the phone. As a result, Bruce finds them and brutally beats Jonathan until Nancy stabs him in the back and runs away. Bruce then chases after Nancy while Tom comes for Jonathan and continues to beat him until he is prone on the floor.

What is the final boss in Stranger things?

Construct the Joyce trinket for the fourth and final boss, Grigori.

Where exactly is the home of Larsen in Stranger Things?

In the game Stranger Things: The Game, you will need gnomes in order to access the chests in Phil Larsen’s house, which is located to the west of the High School.

What business does Bruce have with Nancy Drew?

Trivia. He referred to Nancy Wheeler as “Nancy Drew,” after the protagonist of the Nancy Drew Mysteries series that he had read as a child. There is never an indication on screen of how the Mind Flayer takes control of Bruce after it has done so.

How exactly did the Mind Flayer exert their dominance over the rats?

The Mind Flayer, working through the mist creature, at once gathered vast numbers of rats to the Steel Works, where their bodies were subsequently melted down to create the Proxy Body.

Does 11 lose her powers?

Unfortuitously, there is still a wound. In the midst of the conflict that is taking place at Starcourt, Eleven extricates a chunk of the Mind Flayer from her leg. After that, she suffers a decrease in her powers. A lot of viewers think that the Mind Flayer was able to steal Eleven’s abilities while it was still within her body, and that’s why she doesn’t have them anymore now that it’s been removed.

Who is Eleven’s biological father, anyway?

It has been determined that Brenner is Eleven’s real father. In Seasons 1 and 2, several aspects of Eleven’s backstory began to become clearer and fit together.

Does eleven meet her mom?

Throughout the first season of the show, Eleven was under the impression that she did not have a mother. However, by the end of the second season, she finally meets her mother, Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins), who is in a permanent state of amnesia. Terry does not even remember that she was pregnant with Eleven, and she can only be heard muttering some words and numbers.