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Why did granny scold hamid?

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Why did Granny chastise Hamid? Hamid was admonished by his grandmother for the fact that he had not consumed anything to eat or drink until almost noon.

Why did Hamid Hamid’s grandmother chastise him?

Hamid was reprimanded by Granny since he had not consumed anything to eat or drink since the morning.

Why did Granny scold handmade?

Ameena, Hamid’s grandmother, was caught off guard by what he brought with him. This resulted in a significant increase in her level of affection. Hamid received a reprimand from Ameena for buying a pair of tongs for the price of three paisas. Because she loved for him so deeply, his grandmother lied to him about the death of his parents.

What did she reprimand him for, Granny?

At the fair, Ansi Hamid purchased a set of tongs as a gift for his grandma. 5. Why did Granny chastise Hamid? Ans: Hamid got in trouble with Granny because he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything till practically noon.

What did his grandmother have to say about his parents and brother?

Hamid’s grandmother related that while Hamid’s father had left to find work, his mother had been to Allah in search of enchanting presents for her son.

7th grade English Eidgah book report exercise for the first semester

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Who exactly was Hamid’s grandmother?

A young boy named Hamid, who is an orphan, lives with his grandmother Amina in the film “Idgah.” Hamid is just four years old.

How did the author go about making contact with Grandma?

In which locations did the author look for grandma? The answer is that the author looked through the trash can, various types of data, and even the internet in an effort to find granny.

What on earth took place, Granny Eidgah?

Grandma was sucked dry by the computer. And vanished completely from view.

Who was the answer to Hamid’s seventh question?

Hamid is a scrawny little boy who is only four years old and dresses very poorly. Because both of his parents have died away, he currently resides with his grandmother. The other young men in the hamlet agree that he always has a smile on his face.

Why did Hamid decide to get a set of tongs?

Ans. Because Hamid knew that his grandmother could make good use of the tongs, he wanted to give them to her as a present. As she prepared chapattis, she would frequently get her fingers burned on the iron plate, but this would not happen anymore now that she has tongs.

Did Granny go with him, if I may ask the question?

Did he take Granny along with him? Explain your reasoning. Answer: She was unable to go with him because she was responsible for making the vermicelli. If she had the funds available, she could have shopped for the items on the way back and then prepared the meal once they had arrived home.

What was going through the mind of the Traveler when nobody answered?

When nobody responded to the Traveller’s question, he felt bewildered and stood perfectly motionless.

What did you discover about yourself as a result of the poet’s love for her grandmother?

The listener understands that the speaker holds his grandmother in high regard and has warm feelings for her. He does such a good job of describing his grandmother that she ends up being the person who gives him the most affection and the most inspiration.

How did Hamid demonstrate to his grandmother that he does not put himself first?

Since it was Eid, all of the children went out and bought a lot of toys for themselves. But, Hamid demonstrated his selflessness by purchasing tongs rather than toys for his grandmother.

What did Hamid’s grandmother do once she received the tongs that he had given her?

Explanation: With the money that his grandmother gave him, Hamid goes out and purchases a set of tongs so that he can eat something. As he brings the tongs to his grandmother, he is initially reprimanded for not eating or drinking anything while at the fair. This is because he had brought the tongs with him.

Who ate whose seventh grade homework and when?

Who ingested Whom and Why? The answer is that the computer gobbled up grandmother. Question 2.

They wanted to know the tale that their grandfather had told them about the Haunted Hill.

Usha and Suresh heard from their grandfather about the English people who had inhabited the hilltop one hundred years ago. Lightning struck one of the houses during the violent storm, and as a result, all of the English people who were inside of it perished, including the two children who were a brother and sister.

What was the horse up to all of a sudden?

What was the horse up to all of a sudden? The horse was making a lot of noise while it was eating the grass.

Why did the grandmother break down and cry at the conclusion of the story?

He was aware that she suffered an injury as a result of her inability to take up the chapati with her tongue. Because of this, on the occasion of Id, she found a way to provide money to Hamid so that he may go to the fair in the village and enjoy himself… He explained to her that the use of this tongue was more important than the enjoyment of the fair. Because of this, she was crying.

What kind of experiences did Hamid’s other friends have at the fair?

In preparation for a ride on the merry-go-round, Hamid’s companions Mahmood, Mohsin, and Noorey mounted on the wooden horses and camels. They paid one paisa each to participate in the games that were offered at the fair.

What exactly did Aunt Polly do to get Tom’s toothache under control?

His toothache was alleviated when Aunt Polly yanked out one of his loose teeth.

What exactly does it mean to state that granny was a genius?

According to the poet, his grandmother was a genius because she had climbed trees of varying heights throughout her life, beginning when she was a child and continuing into her old age. She was sixty-two years old, but she would rather be perched on a tree than riding in an elevator. The grandma’s ability to do this has left the speaker in awe, and he or she refers to the grandma as a genius.

Who was the author of the computer ate granny story?

Sinead of the Loch’s “The Computer Swallowed Grandmother” is a poem that can be found on the website All Poetry.

Jeeves, what did the poet want to know?

Even after calling a computer mechanic named Jeeves in an attempt to figure out what was wrong and bring back the poet’s grandmother, Jeeves was unsuccessful. In the final line of the poem, the poet makes an impassioned appeal to all of the people who have read it to resend grandma to her through email if they discover that they have copied, scanned, or pasted any part of the poem into their own inboxes.

Why did Ameena start out being so angry?

Granny Ameena’s distress stemmed from the fact that her grandchild was forced to fend for himself. Because of his size, which made it impossible for him to travel alone, and the fact that he did not have adequate footwear on his feet. The journey to Idgah was too long and difficult. That’s why Grandma was so mad about it.