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Why are ant and dec not social distancing?

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Due to the limits placed by the coronavirus, the presenters will not have a studio audience to join them. Instead, the presentation saw more than 300 participants participate virtually from the convenience of their own homes as part of the audience. The return of the show included a star-studded cast, including Gary Barlow, Olly Alexander, Jamie and Harry Redknapp, among other notable guests.

Are Ant and Dec socially alienating themselves?

Last night marked the return of the Geordie couple to Saturday night television, although there was some uncertainty on the reason why they are not socially distancing themselves. The two have discussed their lack of social distancing on television in the past, and in September, they revealed on This Morning that they take precautions to ensure that they are in compliance with the Covid standard.

I don’t understand why Ant and Dec are allowed to stand so close to each other.

Ant and Dec said that they had created a “cohort” in order to explain why they did not have to be kept separate like Holly and Phil. This enabled them to have close touch with one another. Ant McPartlin noted that because they were now working on Britain’s Got Talent as well as other projects, they were being evaluated once every four days.

Is Cat Deeley living in the same bubble as Ant and Dec?

ITV has verified to the Daily Star that Cat has been in a bubble with Ant and Dec, which means that they are not breaking any rules on social distancing because of their behavior.

Is there a glass ceiling for Ant and Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway?

ITV has verified to the Manchester Evening Mail that the three presenters worked together in the same bubble throughout the reunion. Ant and Dec, formerly of Byker Grove, are known for hosting the reality show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”

Ant and Dec provide an explanation as to why they will not be socially distancing themselves in advance of the return of Britain’s Got Talent.

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Do Ant and Dec use wigs on their show?

The Geordie stars, who are both 45 years old, provided answers to some of the questions that are asked about them the most frequently, including whether or not they lived together and whether or not they wore wigs. Ant provided the following explanation: “These are the things that people search about us. They did not create any of these, rather they obtained them from Google.

Is Squirrel Cat Deeley?

Several names, such as Cat Deeley, Strictly star Maisie Smith, and actress Bonnie Langford, have been floated around on social media as possible candidates for the identity of the Squirrel act, which has proven to be one of the most difficult acts to identify.

Where will the filming of Saturday Night Takeaway take place in 2021?

In order to meet the deadline for the premiere of the sixteenth season in February 2020, the live studio filming was relocated to Studio TC1 at the Television Centre in West London. This facility is owned and maintained by BBC Studioworks.

Do you know if Cat Deeley is still on good terms with Ant and Dec?

Is it true that Cat Deeley and Ant and Dec are still best friends? Cat’s relationship with her former co-hosts on SMTV Live, Ant and Dec, is undeniably one of genuine friendship. In point of fact, the group is getting ready to get back together for Saturday Night Takeaway.

When will Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway be replaced with another program?

Beginning the next week, the Saturday Night Takeaway hosted by Ant and Dec will be replaced by a show hosted by Vernon Kay. The season 2021 will come to a close with this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Takeaway.” And unfortunately, this will mean that Ant and Dec will no longer be a part of our life.