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Whos the oldest in itzy?

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Both Lia and Yeji, who are members of ITZY, were born in the year 2000, making them the group’s eldest members.

Which of the ITZY members best represents the group?

Internet users decided that the “face” of the girl group TWICE, which is managed by JYP Entertainment, should be Nayeon, the group’s eldest member. In the meantime, out of the five members that make up TWICE’s sister group ITZY, Ryujin was selected to be the group’s face. Also, the internet users decided that Suzy should represent the dissolved JYP girl group MissA.

Is ryujin the leader of ITZY at this time?

It was thought that Chaeryoung, who had been with the company the longest (five years), would become the leader of ITZY. However, it was later revealed that Yeji, not Chaeryoung, holds the position of leader, which came as a surprise to a lot of people.

Who is leading the dance for ITZY?

This Itzy Principal Dancer goes by the stage name Chaeryeong, but her birth name is Lee Chae Ryeong, and her English name is Judy Lee. Her English name is Judy Lee. She is the Principal Dancer as well as a Sub Vocalist. This Itzy Principal Dancer was born and raised in Yongin, which is located in South Korea. She is Chaeyeon from IZ*ONE’s older sister.

Is Shin ryujin a form of Japanese language?

Shin Ryu-jin (), better known by his stage as Ryujin (), is a member of JYP Entertainment who performs as a singer, rapper, and dancer. She is the primary rapper, a lead dancer, and a sub-vocalist for the South Korean female group ITZY. In addition, she is the group’s center.

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When she made her debut, how old was Yuna?

Yuna, who was born for Itzy in 2003, made her debut in 2019. When she first began her career, she was only 16 years old.

Who among the K-pop stars is the senior member of the group?

Jinho is said to have set a record for the oldest age at which a K-pop idol made their debut. He was born on March 8, 1991, and he had his theatrical debut on October 10, 2016, when he was 24 years old.Army The following is a list of some of the oldest Kpop idols to make their debut.

Who is the K-pop star who is reviled the most in Korea?

K-POP idols who are most hated as of 2021
  • Jennie from BLACKPINK. … Jennie is one of the most well-known female K-pop idols to originate from South Korea.
  • The ASTRO member Cha Eun-woo. Cha Eun-woo, who is most known for his work in the entertainment industry and is a member of ASTRO,…
  • The member Kai from EXO, and the member Lisa from BLACKPINK

Which gender does the ryujin belong to?

The meaning of the boy’s name Ryujin, where it came from, and how common it is on BabyCenter.

How long did it take ITZY ryujin to hone his skills?

The Got7 performance where Ryujin was performing was where he was discovered, and he worked with JYP for a period of four years prior to Itzy’s debut.

What does ryujin mean in Korean?

One of the eight dragon rulers that were brought to China and Korea from India via Chinese mythology, Ryujin is considered to have originated in India. He is the king of the sea and snakes, who may be his avatar and who were thought of as a type of dragon by the ancient Japanese. He rules over both the sea and snakes.

Where did Ryujin receive his education?

Education. On February 7, 2020, she received her diploma from Hanlim Multi Arts School, where she also graduated alongside fellow member Chaeryeong.

What is the nickname for ryujin?

Stage Name: Ryujin (류진) Shin Ryujin () is the true name of the individual. Nickname: Ryusttaeng (륫땡) The date of birth is April 17th, 2001.

ITZY ryujin was discovered by whom, exactly?

Ryujin of ITZY Ryujin of ITZY was infamously scouted in one of GOT7’s fan meetings due to the fact that she was and still is a dedicated Ahgase. However joining GOT7 was not the primary motivation for her to sign with JYP Entertainment. When asked why she joined JYP, the lead rapper for ITZY once revealed that she did so because she believed the girl who scouted her was attractive.

How exactly did JYP come across ryujin?

ITZY’s Ryujin is a multi-talented performer who contributes rapping, dancing, and vocals… Ryujin shared that she was at a fan gathering for GOT7 (another act signed to JYP) when a scout approached her and asked for her number as they were standing in line for the bathrooms. Ryujin was able to provide the scout with her contact information. “I went to the concert where GOT7 was performing, and someone asked for my number in front of the restrooms, so I gave it to them. “

Who had the least amount of training in K-pop?

Here is a list of 11 K-pop idols that were able to perform on stage despite having very little or no prior training.
  1. Wonder Girls’ Yeeun – 0 weeks.
  2. Baekhyun from EXO has been out for four months….
  3. Apink’s Eunji – 2 months. …
  4. Approximately one and a half months for Super Junior’s Ryeowook…
  5. Suzy Bae, approximately six months old…
  6. Chen from EXO, four months….
  7. KARD’s Jiwoo has had two months of training…
  8. Kyuhyun of Super Junior will be returning in three months…

Is ryujin a god?

In Japanese mythology, the guardian deity of the sea was referred to as Ryjin (), which, according to some schools of thought, is synonymous with watatsumi…. Several people believed that the deity had knowledge on medicine, and others considered him to be the one who brought rain and thunder. Ryujin is also known as the ujigami, or patron god, of various different family groups.

Is Raijin a dragon?

Raijin Shenron, also known as the Plasma Dragon, is pictured here.

Who killed ryujin?

Ryjin (, “Dragon Man”) was a yokai who ordered Tsh, a human swordsmith, to make a yokai sword called Dakki for him. After the demonic blade was finished being crafted, Tsh killed Ryjin and took the weapon for himself.

Which K-pop group is the most fake, in your opinion?

According to the number one most secretive admirer of BTS, the band’s members are the most inauthentic idols in all of K-pop.

Who is it in ITZY that has the most detractors?

The ITZY character Lia

When she fell while performing, the singer, who is only 20 years old, has received a lot of harsh remarks online.