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Whos the girl in silversun pickups?

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A cameo appearance is made by Kennedy, a former member of the band, in the video as a bartender. Elvira Gonzalez, the band’s original drummer, also makes a cameo appearance in the video in the role of a box office/door attendant.

Who is the young woman in the video for Silversun Pickups’ song “Lazy Eye?”

IMDb listing for Sara Grace Powell in the role of Young Lady in the Silversun Pickups video for the song “Lazy Eye,” which was released in 2006.

Is Silversun Pickups singer a girl?

Lead singer Brian Aubert is the lead vocalist, and through headphones, he is less perplexing than Molko. This is due to the fact that Silversun Pickups unmistakably have a female rocking the mike. But, it cannot be denied that Brian Aubert, who is a man, possesses one of the most incredible female rock voices that we have ever heard.

Who makes up Silversun Pickups and what instruments do they play?

Silversun Pickups are comprised of lead singer Brian Aubert, bassist Nikki Monninger, drummer Christopher Guanlao, and pianist Joe Lester. They emerged on the music scene in Silverlake, California in the early 2000s and have remained independent throughout their lengthy history.

Is there a happy ending for the Silversun Pickups?

Even though three of them are now married and two of them have parents, they are still the same friendly foursome that you could approach at the back bar at Spaceland in 2003 to tell them how amazing it was that they played after they played a performance that was sloppier than hell.

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