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Who played matlock’s daughter?

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In the pilot, Lori Lethin played Matlock’s daughter Charlene. During the first season, Linda Purl

Linda Purl
At age 15, Purl returned to the United States. She attended high school at Wykeham Rise School, a private boarding school for girls, specializing in creative and performing arts, in Washington, Connecticut. While still in high school, she had a role on the soap opera The Secret Storm.
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played Charlene and then she moved to Philadelphia. Then Michelle, Matlock’s associate, appeared played by Nancy Stanford, and then later Brynn Thayer appeared as daughter #2 Leanne.

How many daughters did Matlock have on the TV series?

Ben Matlock’s 3 ‘daughters’

Matlock went through three “daughter” actors on the series. Lori Lethin was Ben’s younger daughter Charlene in the pilot episode in 1986. The Office’s Linda Purl then assumed the role of Charlene in the first season.

Why did Matlock’s daughter leave the show?

Linda Purl left the show near the end of the first season after disputes about her character and castmates. Nancy Stafford chose to leave the series after season six. She had just gotten married, filming was moving to North Carolina, and she did not wish to relocate.

What happened to Matlock’s first daughter?

When Diary of a Perfect Murder, the Matlock pilot film, first aired in early 1986, lawyer daughter Charlene Matlock was played by Lori Lethin. … In 1987 Charlene left to start her own practice in Philadelphia and Ben (Andy Griffith) replaced her with Michelle Thomas (Nancy Stafford), who was no relation.

Who played Ben Matlock’s first daughter?

Actor Lori Lethin plays Ben’s daughter, Charlene, in the first two episodes (originally filmed as a single television movie). After that, Lethin was replaced in the role of Charlene by Linda Purl, who lasted just one season.


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Who was Matlock’s girlfriend?

A pretty redhead catches Ben Matlock’s eye in an elevator during the first season of Matlock. Later she rushes into the hearing late and it’s a hint she’s about to play a much bigger role in Ben’s world. The character of Julie March becomes Ben’s greatest love interest over the show’s first six seasons.

Where is Julie Sommars now?

Sommars was born as Julie Sergie Sommars in Fremont, Nebraska, but raised in Iowa and South Dakota. She resides in Los Angeles with her fourth husband, John Karns.

What did Andy Griffith died of?

Griffith died on July 3, 2012, from a heart attack at the age of 86 at his coastal home in Manteo, Roanoke Island, in Dare County, North Carolina. He was buried in the Griffith family cemetery on the island within five hours of his death.

Did Andy Griffith really love hot dogs?

As television’s “Matlock,” the late Andy Griffith harbored a fondness for Atlanta’s hot dogs – but one of the best he ever had in real life came from an Exeter restaurant.

Did Perry Mason ever lose a case?

Mason is known to have lost, in some form or manner, three cases-“The Case of the Terrified Typist”, “The Case of the Witless Witness”, and “The Case of the Deadly Verdict”. Mason also loses a civil case at the beginning of “The Case of the Dead Ringer”, partly due to being framed for witness tampering.

Why does Matlock wear the same suit?

On the show, Matlock is always eating hot dogs and constantly recycling the same suit. The explanation for his behavior comes courtesy of Griffith reprising the role in a 1993 episode of Diagnosis Murder. … Thanks to his legal fees and future success, Matlock could later afford fancier meals and clothes.

Who was Matlock based on?

Ben Matlock is reputed to have been based on Georgia lawyer Bobby Lee Cook. Cook was known for his legal skill and folksy charm. He notably defended Bobby Hoppe in a cold case. Hoppe, a former running back on the championship 1957 Auburn football team, was tried in 1988 for the murder of a bootlegger 31 years prior.

What is Matlock?

Matlock is an American mystery legal drama television series created by Dean Hargrove, starring Andy Griffith in the title role of criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock.

Where is Matlock filmed?

The successful crime drama – which switched from NBC to ABC in 1993 – shot its last three seasons in Wilmington. (Although Griffith’s character, Ben Matlock, supposedly lived and practiced in Atlanta, virtually all the series had previously been filmed at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.)

Why did Frances Bavier hate Andy?

Andy Griffith and Frances Bavier did not get along during the series. According to Griffith and Howard Morris, Bavier was extremely sensitive, and resented her role of Aunt Bee. Andy Griffith originally told Don Knotts that he only wanted to do the show for five years.

Did Aunt Bee wear a wig?

Aunt Bea and Clara Edwards were supposed to be wearing wigs during the show, but for a better fit, they dyed their hair instead.

Who was the waterbed city girl?

Nancy Stafford is going upscale. The actress, who is as well known in Florida for her Waterbed City ads as for her roles on Matlock and St. Elsewhere, has a new gig.

Why did Linda Purl leave Happy Days?

Linda Purl’s contract was not renewed for the show’s final season. Consequently her absence was explained by having Ashley return to her estranged husband to try to patch up their marriage.