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Who Is Samantha Pollock? Jamie Whincup Wife Or Partner – Are They Married?


Who Is Samantha Pollock? Jamie Whincup Wife Or Partner - Are They Married?

Samantha Pollock, Jamie Whincup’s spouse or wife, does not appear to be active on any social media platforms, including Instagram, according to the information available. Find out some intriguing facts about her by reading this article.

Most people are familiar with Samantha Pollock because she is Jamie Whincup’s wife or a companion to him.

The Supercars Championship is where he competes as a professional racing driver. He is originally from Australia. Whincup just claimed his 123rd career victory in the Tasmanian Grand Prix in April. This season, the driver intends to end his career as a full-time competitor in the Supercars series.

Furthermore, the driver holds a Supercars championship record of seven, four Bathurst 1000 triumphs, and a Bathurst 12 Hour victory to his credit. Whincup has a total of 123 race victories in the Supercars Championship throughout his career.

Who Is Samantha Pollock, and What Does She Do?

Samantha Pollock is well-known as Jamie Whincup’s wife, and she has a lot of fans. As a personal assistant at Whincup Motorsport, she collaborates with her husband, yet her task is not so intense that there isn’t a lot of information available on the internet.

Pollock joined the sports team in October 2012, according to her LinkedIn profile, and has been a member of it for the past nine years.

A television show called ‘Australia’s Greatest Athlete’ featured the two, who participated on the show in 2009. Since then, however, the pair has not been together in public and has chosen to keep their relationship a secret.

She received excellent grades when she completed her high school studies. Samantha Pollock went on to get a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California.

Unfortunately, she does not participate in social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, among others.

What is the status of Samantha Pollock and Jamie Whincup’s marriage?

Samantha Pollock is, in fact, married to Jamie Whincup, as previously reported. In 2009, she appeared as the wife of professional racing driver Jamie Whincup in the reality television show ‘Australia’s Greatest Athlete,’ in which she played the role of the Whincups’ mother.

Following the show, the couple was rarely seen together, owing to the fact that they had kept their relationship a secret from the public eye.

The two of them have now embarked on a new journey. Jamie and Samantha are on the verge of starting a family.

The happy news was presented by the winner of the Supercars championship on Seven Network’s 7th Gear programme. He said that he had always wanted a child, but that the timing had never been right for him and his partner.

It appears that the moment has finally arrived. It is projected that their kid will be born in February 2022, which will be one month before the start of the new season in Newcastle.

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